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Does everyone using ATT mail like Yahoo


Does everyone using ATT mail like Yahoo

I am sorry, but I do not like Yahoo and all its commercials. All I want is a simple screen listing my messages and a read pain to preview their content. That is not what I get. Please tell me this will change soon? When I used the free Yahoo, it had the same commercials and junk we do not want. Now I pay to have this junk in my ATT email. I am not happy.

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Re: Does everyone using ATT mail like Yahoo

Just read your post and in two words here goes - "Thank you".  I want my email and instead I'm offered information on Angelina Jolie, Lindsey Lohan and Miley Cyrus.  AT&T please tell me why you decided this was a good idea?  Why do I have to hit the "email" button 3 times just to (eventually) get to my email?  Worse yet, I now have to hope that after having to navigate this much that once I do get to my email the message "INTERNET EXPLORER IS NOT WORKING..." is what I get (see my previouse post....).


Sorry the_grahams if this reply is outside the scope of your post.



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Re: Does everyone using ATT mail like Yahoo



There are a few things that you can do to get around Yahoo's advertising, so that Yahoo does not get the benefit of scraping their ads across your eyeballs.  I pretty much NEVER see any of the ads on Yahoo.


1.  Try using this link (add it to your favorites).  It should take you straight to your e-mail page:




2. If you are slightly technical, install a Flash-blocker plug-in to your browser.  This will block all ads delieered via Flash, unless you click on the ad to re-enable it.


3. If you are even more technical, Google around for lists of the main ad servers, and edit your Hosts file to block them.  Here are some good ones to start you out, just paste it into your Hosts file.  Yahoo seems to be very fond of, so just blocking that one in your Hosts file will likely make a big difference:



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Re: Does everyone using ATT mail like Yahoo

NO! I hate it.  Would ten times rather have my old AT&T e-mail back.  Don't know what is wrong with AT&T.  They used to have a good customer website until they turned it all over to Yahoo!  Now it is really the pits. One would think that a communication company this big would at least have the resources to operate their own website for their customers rather than farming it out to a third-party who could care less about AT&T's customers. They are only interested in pleasing AT&T with the least cost possible, and AT&T is only interested in the "bottom line". 

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Re: Does everyone using ATT mail like Yahoo

First, let me say that I don't use Yahoo or AT&T........their customer/technical support mean well, but they are too large, and as such cannot help too many times when problems arise.......and they have indeed arisen since the merger.  I use gmail, and they have problems too, but it seems like they fix them quicker.


Now to my problem, actually my wife's problem.........she has been a Yahoo email user for years, and for the first time since AT&T took over, she needed technical support today to change her Yahoo password........every time she clicked on the link to do so, though, it sent her to an AT&T site, with no satisfaction.  Thirteen phone conversations later, almost equally divided between AT&T and Yahoo, who each played the blame game on each other, she is no is maddening.


This hocus pocus has actually been going on my whole adult life......I remember back in the 80s when AT&T took over Southwestern Bell, blah, blah, seems to me we got hosed then, too, with the whole buying your phone or lease scam.


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Re: Does everyone using ATT mail like Yahoo

No.  I hate it.  It is an exercise in futility, along with a myriad of other things about AT&T DSL.


Doesn't anyone at AT&T care that so many people are furious about the Yahoo "upgrade" (who are they kidding!)


After so many years with such good service, no problems, no complaints, things have really gone downhill since SBC became AT&T, especially the last few months.  I just don't get it! 

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Re: Does everyone using ATT mail like Yahoo

You could use a program like Outlook or Outlook express and get your emails without ever having to log in...

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Re: Does everyone using ATT mail like Yahoo

I use Mozilla Thunderbird as my email client.  However, I prefer to only download the emails that I want to keep or reply to.  So, I read my email online, delete the ones I don't need, then start Thunderbird and download the important ones.   There are advantages and disadvantages either way you choose to handle your email.  Thanks for the suggestion.

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Re: Does everyone using ATT mail like Yahoo

Firefox, AdblockPlus, Flashblock, and Noscript. Use the old reliable interface, not the "new" webmail interface. Log out and leave at&t's morphed yahoo page and go straight to before browsing or reading any stories.

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Re: Does everyone using ATT mail like Yahoo

Doesn't everyone want to read about Lindsey Lohan?  The story "12 COOL USES FOR COFFEE FILTERS"?  Really, it was a story that appeared among the many - Tuesday 07/20/2010.   This "Upgrade" could not have been designed for anyone over the age of 25.


AT&T's competitors must be loving this....

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Re: Does everyone using ATT mail like Yahoo

I have been an ATT Worldnet customer since almost day one. The new Yahoo e-mail system is slow (and I have a fast computer), unpredictable and unreliable. The home page might appeal to a young teenager (which I am not) with trivial nonsense. It's a good thing I have alternate means for reliable email. It has been a very frustrating experience so far. I am trying to be as understanding as possible and patient in regards to a major corporate and technological change, but this just seems to be alienating customers. I certainly hope things improve for the better soon.

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Re: Does everyone using ATT mail like Yahoo

Alternate means of reliable email - can you tell us what they are?  They certainly don't include the letters AT&T.

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Re: Does everyone using ATT mail like Yahoo

I gave up the fight with the AT&T minions.


I use Thunderbird and an app called Mailwasher for my email control. I use Mailwasher before opening T'bird.


Mailwasher allows you to screen the email at the server before downloading it then delete the ones you don't want.  Mailwasher can also run in the background to allow only the email you wish to receive and automatically delete others.  This is ideal for those who leave the computers running 24/7.  You have complete control over email.  Mailwasher will also allow you to bounce unwanted email.  I don't believe it will work with AT&T however.  Google Mailwasher for more info for those interested.


In addition to what a previous poster suggested, altering the Hosts file, if you go to and search for their Hosts file, and obtain their continually updated customized Hosts file offered free to anyone to load onto their computer you can not only block alot of advertising junk ATT supplies but other advertising other big websites pollute you with. It also blocks parasite websites and a host of other stuff.  Google for further info.

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My mail moved to Yahoo, but it is NOT SEARCHABLE!

The move to Yahoo left me with a load of emails, which I used to be able to search so I could find an old email, and I also periodically thin out by searching and deleting senders I no longer am interested in.  Now when I use the Yahoo search, it only goes back a month.  Seaching with advanced search by date never gives any result if the date is old.  I would forward all my email to gmail, which has a great search, but Yahoo only lets you forward one email at a time.  I don't want to download all the emails to my home computer since then I can't access them from work.


I asked Yahoo help about the search, but they just sent me a form reply to use AT&T help, which has NO link for email help, except to send me back to Yahoo!


I want a way to fix this, if anyone knows how. 



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Re: Does everyone using ATT mail like Yahoo

I hate the Yahoo email !!!!! Too many steps just to get to my inbox !!!! Too many ads !!!!!


I was a Bellsouth DSL customer for many years until I moved. Where I live now DSL is not available, only dial-up. I use a Verizon aircard for my primary internet connection but I kept the AT&T dial-up to keep my email addresses and to have a back -up connection. I pay over $20 a month for this. But now with this change to Yahoo, I think that I am going to cancel AT&T and switch to a cheaper dial-up that has their own email server !!!!!!!!

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