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Disconnecting like crazy


Disconnecting like crazy

Apparently this seems to be a common occurance w/ the DSL but over the past month I've been having issues where the modem will reset. I'll have a small lag spike and then the DSL light will start flashing red and then go through the reconnection process. I've called ATT tech support a handful of times and they said that everything was fine with the modem and the line and there wasn't anything that they can do unless they catch it in the act. But the fact that it happens randomly that's very difficult to do because they're not gonna hold on the line to wait for it to happen.

Is anyone else having this problem or know of a fix for it? It's really making gaming an impossible task.

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Re: Disconnecting like crazy

btw the modem is a Speedstream 5100
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Re: Disconnecting like crazy

Glad I'm not the only one.  I thought I was going nuts. I have had nothing but terrible service since May.  Problem is, when I have talked with AT&T they try to foist the cause on my system.  The error with that thinking is, there have been times, recently, when the internet works like it is always supposed to -- quite fast. In addition, my modem keeps disconnecting regularly, and there is nothing in my event logs indicating any kind of problem on my end.  By the way, they have a link on the site for this download call PC Health CheckDon't download it.  My antivirus software quarantined it.  Who knows {word filter evasion}  their reason for that is.  Sorry to say, I think they lie, or more likely, the useful ones who tend the phones have a tidy little script and  -- can't blame 'em -- don't want to lose their jobs.

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Re: Disconnecting like crazy

Seems to be a common issue with a large majority of users. If you're gaming, it disconnects long enough to boot you, rather frustrating. I've given up trying, tech told me the same, I get constant disconnects and my ping is always 3-500ms, almost unusable,


If tech doesn't show up Monday and resolve this issue once and for all, I'm going back to TW cable, cost more, but what good is paying for a service you can't even use.

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Re: Disconnecting like crazy

yeah, unfortunately they won't send out a tech to figure out the problem and we're out of range of TW cable otherwise I would've switched over a while ago. I'm almost wondering if it's a ploy to get me to upgrade to the U-verse service.
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Re: Disconnecting like crazy

I've been having the same problem for about 2 weeks or so. It's very aggravating. I think I also have this same modem. when I called customer service they said them problem must be somethign on my end. I tried all the usual steps and even tried a different modem. Nothing really helps for long. I've had At&T dsl since it first became available here (maybe close to 10 years) i'm seriously thiking of switching to something else.

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Re: Disconnecting like crazy

Hi valusnickn,


We can understand how important it is for the Internet to work smoothly and appreciate your effort and patience in trying to fix the issue.



The following link has the various possibilities for the intermittent disconnection



If the issue persists and if you are located in the one of the following states AR, CA, CT, IL, IN, KS, MI, MO, NV, OH, OK, TX, & WI, please contact e-Chat support from the web link provided below


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