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Digital Video Recorder (Security) and connecting to ATT Westell Modems: Help Requested


Digital Video Recorder (Security) and connecting to ATT Westell Modems: Help Requested

Hello everyone!


I am a video surveillance installer.  I participate on video surveillance forums.  As you can imagine we get a large number of people who cannot see the DVRs from remote locations.


We have those people that use LAN addresses for WAN addresses, or those who do not use port forwarding, and various other problems.  We provide links to other help websites that answer their questions such as IP Chicken, or PortForward .com and many others.



There are those who can see video on the LAN.  You can ping the WAN address, but you cannot access the DVR.


Normally we would suggest port 8080.  I have had them change it to port 80 just to see if that may allow it to go through.


Since I am not there on site I truely cannot see what may be wrong.  I wanted to ask for your HELP!



I have seen DVRs plugged directly in to modems without a router, and I have seen DVRs plugged in to routers then to a modem.


ATT now charges their customers for tech support help.  I am not an ATT customer therefore I cannot pay the $150 - $200 fee to receive tech support, and then pass this knowledge on to my customers, and those on the forums.


The quick answer is for those having problems is to get a static IP address, and to suck it up, and pay the extra monthy costs.


Those who choose not to get a static IP address can use a DNS service.


With a Netopia router, I can work my way through the menus with my eyes closed.  ATT has started using other modems, and I am at a loss unless I get a chance to get my hands on one to play with.  Most of my customers will use the local cable company for video surveillance therefore leaving me without a chance to see ATT modem products.


I would like to hear what modems you have worked with to get DVRs and IP camera to use dynamic addresses.



I have suggested opening the router in a DMZ, and to perform portforwarding.  The DVR still does not work on the WAN.

The modem is a Westell 6100 ( I believe) and a WRT54G Linksys.  Can this system be made to work?  I was wondering if this is more of a system where the customer needs to call ATT and bridge the modem and the router in order to use a dynamic ip address.  What is your advice?


With ATT modems are there some that you can go in to the modems home page, and make changes?  I was unable to see anything worth changing on a Westell 6100.  It was just basic info and not much else.  Is there a way to open ports on a Westell 6100 modem?


Those of you who are IP camera experts please chime in as a DVR will "act" like an IP camera with the settings.


Those of you who are working with AVTech DVRs I will be more than glad to return the favor by helping you with manuals, and remote software, or guides to set up networking.



Tech Support Page


Here is a page with older equipment:


How to perform a hardware reset:


How to network AVTech DVRs (and OEMs):


Parts list for MPEG IDE version DVR, power supply, and mainboard battery (stuck on default date / time on power up)


Downloads for various remote software for AVTech products only to include discontinued software:


For those of you who have questions leave them here in the DVR section with the model number.  I only respond to AVTech and OEM models, and do not support other brands, but there are other who are experts in their brands.


I would be interested in any links to pdfs, or how to links.


I would be interested in your tips and tricks!


Thank you for your time and assistance.



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Scorpion Audio, Video, and Security

Palm Bay Florida

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