Data and wi- fi


Data and wi- fi

Why is my data being
G ate up whe I have wi-fi on??? Isn't that why to have it not to use the data. a friend as a present gave me a hotspot. for the wi-fi. Why isn't it working ? Am going over again! Help
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Re: Data and wi- fi

Hey Vtpurplemoose,

Welcome to the Community and thank you for posting.  Is your question specific to your phone not connecting to your Wi-Fi hotspot or do you have an AT&T Modem/Router and need help with it?  If you could include the phone and AT&T router make/model, we have resources online that might help.




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Re: Data and wi- fi

No have other wif-fi hotspot. Not from AT&T no router. Why should I need router. When got to mc d'sdont have one. Don't have computer. Just iPhone and hotspot. Which my wi- fi works. But why am being still using data up if I have the wi fi on?
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