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DSL won't work.


DSL won't work.

I've been experiencing problems with my DSL connection for about 3 months now. Ever since summer started. It seems that many others are experiencing similar problems as well. I called At&t several times and they could not figure out what was wrong, a technician even came in and checked what was wrong. He said the problem was a wet jack, but our house has been renovated quite recently so all our wires are new. He also mentioned that our modem (speedstream 4100) was another issue. We went ahead and replaced it but there hasn't been much luck. The weird thing is that if someone is on the phone line, the dsl works temporarily as long as the line is in use. If anyone has been experiencing the same issue or knows of a solution to this problem your help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: DSL won't work.

My issues with my DSL are somewhat similar. The modem(2wire gateway) often failing, except I have no landlines to test that open line DSL not failing thing. Another difference would be, a technician said my modem had errors, not a wet jack, and so it was replaced with another similar modem with the same issues. So, essentially, I've had not a single bit of luck with this Internet provider and would most definitely switch to another similar internet provider's plan, if there was such a thing in my area. Chances are that I'll simply cancel my service so that I don't have to deal with this anymore.

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