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DSL vanished? Please explain, please help.


DSL vanished? Please explain, please help.

I have had the same DSL for at least 6 years.   I lived at my last house in north hollywood (91601) for 14 months and had AT&T DSL.  I lived in the front house and there are 2 unattached units in the back on the same property.  8 months ago I moved with my AT&T DSL to Silverlake (90026).  I am now actually moving back in July to the same exact place I was in 8 months ago but AT&T is telling me DSL is not available at that address. 


You have verified that it did exist when I lived there 8 months ago.

You have verified that the back house CURRENTLY has AT&T DSL.
You are aware the back house is only about 20 feet away.
A Chat room rep verified AT&T DSL was available at a fake address I gave that would be about next door.

Can someone from AT&T please explain to me why I can't have my DSL anymore? How did it vanish from just the front house and not the back house? The person I spoke to kept saying "the facilities moved".  WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? WHAT IS A FACILITY? No tech came out when I moved.  AT&T simply "turned off" the service. Why can't you turn it back on? What exactly moved?  Why can't I hook onto what the back house is using?


This is maddening. I purposely called a month in advance to my move to make sure things had time to go smoothly since it took a month to get service at the place I am now. 

I am begging for this to be escalated to a logical person who can look beyond the computer telling them that there is no DSL at my address when clearly THERE IS.  If the 1/2 or 3/4 of my address can have dsl, I can, unless you can explain to me the actual logistics of why this is suddenly no longer possible in the 8 months since my return.

Thanks in advance,

A long time customer Dani

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Re: DSL vanished? Please explain, please help.

Hello danirules,


I would like to explain that in order to qualify for AT&T High Speed Internet, your location must meet certain conditions. DSL service must be available in your central office and you must be less than approximately three miles from your central office, or live in a neighborhood where a DSL Gateway has been installed. You must also have a telephone line qualified to carry the DSL signal. Approximately 60% - 65% of customers out of each central office will qualify for the service. However, since you have mentioned that you were using the AT&T DSL services at the same location, I would suggest you to contact AT&T order department at 800-288-2020 between Monday to Friday 8am to 7pm CT Saturday between 8am to 5pm CT Sunday closed. They will check your AT&T account details and help you accordingly.



You can also check the status about the same online, you may see if AT&T High Speed Internet is available in your area.

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Re: DSL vanished? Please explain, please help.

That was a non answer to my question.

I am leaving AT&T and going with TWC Roadrunner high speed cable.  At least it's way faster than AT&T.

and for the record, my theory is there is DSL at my address but they are trying to phase it out for uverse and don't have the balls to be truthful to their customers.



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