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DSL "pausing" and other errors


DSL "pausing" and other errors

On 4/8/2012 I began getting very frequent DSL sync's happened a couple times in the past and USUALLY last NO longer than a day or so at most and it all seems to fix itself somehow....until 4/8/2012 that is.  I waited a couple days and then called DSL phone support number that I had.  They tested the lines (said everything looked fine) but FINALLY got them to check the logs and saw I had 40+ disconnects in just 72 hours so they dispatched a tech.  Tech arrived next day and changed the whole house filter outside in the access box (dsl filter outside).  After about 3 hours we finally got my Motorola back to connecting at the max speed I paid for (which I know is not guaranteed but constant connection should be).  Anyway...thought the problem had been fixed....wrong, dropping sync within an hour of him leaving again.  I give it the benefit of the doubt and plug in another Motorola 2210 that I had as a spare....fine for a little bit and same go to the store and purchase another new/different model of Motorola 2248N I believe with a router built in.  That one would not hold sync from the time it was plugged in so it immediately went back for a netgear n150.  It held sync for a bit but also was dropping quite frequently.  Back to the store for another exchange for one of those Pace AT&T branded modems you have currently deployed.  It also had sync drop.  This point I re-run brand new cat5 cable directly from outside box before dsl whole house filter directly to modem and all other lines connected to output of DSL filter.  Still having problems so called tech support back and got another tech out a couple days ago and he spent about 2 hours out here with me and finally saw that for some reason or another my modems were all connecting at a speed  LOWER than what my paid cap was for (connecting at like 2640 and max paid cap was 3008) and he said that would DEFINITELY cause the modem to crash out and drop sync which I understand...we sat and watch the lines fluctuate on their own without us changing anything and sometimes the MAX connection rate for the line was above my cap (which is what it's supposed to be for some headroom) and occasionally go well below the 3008 and the modem would loose sync).  Again, we were doing nothing/changing nothing.  He decided to change the outside whole house filter and we came back in and it seemed to fix the problem for a bit but was again back at it.  SO, he mentioned about a Motorola 3347-A that he had to install for someone commercially that was a solid performer...needless to say I went ahead and took one....seems like the connection has been pretty well at the 3008 which I am paying for constantly (which always was in the past before this all started happening) but have been getting a LOT of pausing problems both via wireless and wired connections.  To the point where it would not let me see the modem/router at all and had to disable the network adapter or unplug it then re-enable or plug in the cord and everything was fine from that point on for a little while.  Annoying to say the least out of a brand new modem.   So, tonight I've decided to re-commision my Motorola 2210 that has always served me well and see what happens.  Getting a good solid 3008 connection speed but still getting random pausing while browsing and even lost communication with the web configuration page of the router & modem a couple times....and now getting strange messages in the LOG that I've never seen before this all started happening.  This is a sample from this evening that I've never seen before....Can you PLEASE help me figure out what the heck is going on?


2012/05/04 23:35:03 GMT | L3 | LHD: IP, MAC 48-44-87-2a-e7-24
2012/05/04 23:35:03 GMT | L3 | LHD: Interface Eth 100BT, State online
2012/05/04 23:44:57 GMT | L3 | Host-Uniq 00000210
2012/05/04 23:44:57 GMT | L3 | nt-Type: %s
2012/05/04 23:44:57 GMT | L3 | AC-Name=se1.bltnin-B2224060701949
2012/05/04 23:44:57 GMT | L3 | Service-Name=ANY
2012/05/04 23:54:25 GMT | L3 | Host-Uniq 00000210
2012/05/04 23:54:25 GMT | L3 | nt-Type: %s
2012/05/04 23:54:25 GMT | L3 | AC-Name=se1.bltnin-B2224060701949
2012/05/04 23:54:25 GMT | L3 | Service-Name=ANY
2012/05/04 23:54:30 GMT | L3 | Host-Uniq 00000210
2012/05/04 23:54:30 GMT | L3 | nt-Type: %s
2012/05/04 23:54:30 GMT | L3 | AC-Name=se1.bltnin-B2224060701949
2012/05/04 23:54:30 GMT | L3 | Service-Name=ANY
2012/05/04 23:54:35 GMT | L3 | Host-Uniq 00000210
2012/05/04 23:54:35 GMT | L3 | nt-Type: %s
2012/05/04 23:54:35 GMT | L3 | AC-Name=se1.bltnin-B2224060701949
2012/05/04 23:54:35 GMT | L3 | Service-Name=ANY
2012/05/04 23:54:40 GMT | L3 | Host-Uniq 00000210
2012/05/04 23:54:40 GMT | L3 | nt-Type: %s
2012/05/04 23:54:40 GMT | L3 | AC-Name=se1.bltnin-B2224060701949
2012/05/04 23:54:40 GMT | L3 | Service-Name=ANY
2012/05/04 23:54:45 GMT | L3 | Host-Uniq 00000210
2012/05/04 23:54:45 GMT | L3 | nt-Type: %s
2012/05/04 23:54:45 GMT | L3 | AC-Name=se1.bltnin-B2224060701949
2012/05/04 23:54:45 GMT | L3 | Service-Name=ANY
2012/05/04 23:54:50 GMT | L3 | Host-Uniq 00000210
2012/05/04 23:54:50 GMT | L3 | nt-Type: %s

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Re: DSL "pausing" and other errors

Getting LOTS of CRC errors to modem as well from the way it looks so maybe that's causing the pausing issues????  Here is a sample of what I"m talking about....


To Modem
To Internet
Max Allowed Speed (kbps)3008512
SN Margin (dB)5.015.0
Line Attenuation (dB)61.031.0
Loss of Signal035020
Loss of Frame00
CRC Errors32436479
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