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DSL not available

DSL not available

I wonder why I cannot get DSL at my home.  I am 3 miles from the nearest CO building, so I can understand that, but I have an AT&T cell tower behind my house and fiber wrapping around my property.  Yet there's no internet connection for my home.  Does anyone have an answer?  I have called AT&T and the only anyone can do is look up my number and tell me that service isn't currently available at my address.  Duh! I know that.  I've been living here 4 years and AT&T haven't "made progress" in my direction.

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Re: DSL not available

I'm not sure what part of the country you are in, but this seems to be a recurring theme with AT&T.  I moved to Alabama, it is kinda remote, but there is a DSLAM 1.8 miles from my house.  When I found this house I started calling different providers for Internet, Phone and TV.  I called AT&T, gave the address and was told that phone and DSL were available.  Once I signed the lease and made the down payment and first month's rent I called AT&T to get service installed.  They still told me that both phone and DSL were available.  They gave me the number and by the next day I had phone service.  I called to get info on the DSL and was then told that it wasn't available.  I was then told that it was available, but all ports were full.  I spent weeks talking to people from AT&T.  I kept getting the run-around and was given every reason under the sun as to why I couldn't get DSL.  Once I moved in here I started scouring the neighborhood and found out that no one has DSL.  Most have dial-up or satellite or no service at all.  I still cannot believe that in 2011, there are any homes that don't have access to DSL.  I also can't believe that people will pay AT&T $20+ per month for dial-up service when there are FREE dial-up services out there.  I used a free service for 2 months before I got a Verizon air card and have been giving everyone that I find that is on AT&T dial-up the contact info to get setup on the free service.


I came from a very rural area and I remember about 10 years ago when we were waiting for Verizon to expand their DSL availability.  This area is no more remote than where I came from and Verizon finally made DSL service available to everyone several years ago.  I honestly don't know anyone in my area that didn't have access to DSL anymore.  It took them a little while, but they kept telling everyone that it was coming and you saw the progress until everyone had it.  AT&T for some reason doesn't want to take this approach.  In this area, they have made no effort whatsoever to expand in several years and it doesn't appear that they will anytime soon.  I would love to just get an honest answer from someone at AT&T.  Thankfully we are able to get service on a Verizon air card although it is spotty at times and not nearly as fast as what we are accustomed to.


Anyone who has ever had to call their customer service knows how painful that is.  I really can't believe how bad it is.  If anyone who has dealt with AT&T in any capacity was ever given the opportunity to deal with Verizon instead you wouldn't believe the difference.  I really have to wonder if AT&T will be in business much longer.  2nd rate companies like this usually don't last when they have quality competition.


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