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DSL line suddenly went to a crawl on 10/06/2011


DSL line suddenly went to a crawl on 10/06/2011

Yesterday, DSL modem first disconnected, then after a few minutes of blinking with LEDs reconnected to ATT servers. But the connection speed since yesterday is very low and quite erratic, one time running test it would show 0.01 Mbps downstream, the next moment it would show 2.0Mbps, but in general it stays in 0.1-0.5Mbps, which is very low for 3Mbps connection. What's worse the latecy went to 1-3 seconds, running ping to yahoo server, which is a mile away from my home shows 1100-1700 ms roundtrip, and even timeouts. After running a test which measures speed an latency I noticed that there are huge 1-3 sec delays in incoming stream with spikes going to 1-2 Mbps.
Of course, it has nothing to do with my computer(s), I have 5 computers, tablets, and phones connected to the same wireless router and all show the same behavior. I rebooted the modem several times without any success, and absolutely nothing has changed in my network since the day before when everything was working fine. Unfortunately, I haven't received any reply to the ticket I opened yesterday and I can't spend time on the phone as I'm away from home. Also I dont' need the reading from the script, like meaningless rebooting all my computers, running antivirus, checking firewall, rebooting modem. Also my VOIP phone line shows call distortions and drops, which has nothing to do with computers.
This is clearly ATT problem, related to their equipment, which they must be aware of, so I need somebody to fix it, or at least provide an estimate time. I don't appreciate being left in the darkness, as I work from home in the evenings and need a reliable connection.

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Re: DSL line suddenly went to a crawl on 10/06/2011

Contact David (he's an ATT employee who can look into this for you).

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