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DSL down


DSL down

Hi, My DSL stopped working last night. I have a westell wirespeed modem. I ran diagnostics and modem selftest passed, DSL passed, ATM failed. All the lights seem to work but the ethernet blinks occasionally. I also could not ping my internet service. Do I need a new modem? Mine was shipped from bellsouth before AT&T took over and I still use bellsouth software to connect.. Is the problem on my end or theirs? If it is my problem will they replace my DSL modem? I am on backup dialup with bellsouth software at the moment and it is slow but I connected nonetheless. Thanks
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Re: DSL down

Lately our AT&T internet has dropped off around 7 pm.... kind of like increase use limiting our access. Any ideas? unclebuck
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Re: DSL down

hi gupto!

from your diagnostics, it looks like your modem is receiving a good dsl signal but is not able to authenticate to the att network. there could be a couple of possible reasons for this: ongoing network outage or bad dsl modem.

"If it is my problem will they replace my DSL modem?" --> i believe they can only replace the modem for free if it's still under the 1-year warranty. you could try asking their Sales if they can give you a new modem with a promo/discount, if not free, since you have been loyal to them.

i suggest that you call the techsupport first to diagnose if it's a network or a modem issue.

hope this helps! :smileyhappy:
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