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DSL availability


DSL availability

Hello, Can someone tell me how to get DSL in my area. I know DSL is available down the street, but I don't know the proper route to get someone to check out my area to see if it is feasible to bring DSL to it. There is about 50 houses down my street and one street over.
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Re: DSL availability

you may check the DSL availability in your area online. visit website and see if your telephone # or street address qualifies for DSL service. and in case you want to place an order, just call the Sales Team at 877-722-3755.

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Re: DSL availability

Good luck. I have had engineers at my house verifying I can get it but their sytem say nope you can't get it. Their validation dept sucks. I had to go corporate to get someone to my house to verify and still no luck.
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