DSL availability Flip Flop - HELP !


DSL availability Flip Flop - HELP !

So I ordered my ATT Phone/Direct TV service about 2 months ago.  As part of the package, I wanted to include DSL.  When I went to the web page, it said it was available.  I double checked by talking with an ATT sales rep via chat, yes it's available.  I put in the order and get a verification back stating that the Phone and Direct TV would be setup but DSL was NOT available at my address.  WHAT? So I call and verify Customer Service that it was.  Well, I have Phone/TV but no DSL.  I look again today and NOW it says that not only is DSL available, but U-Verse is as well.......


HELP !!!


Do I or do I not have DSL, U-Verse, High Speed Internet to my address?  Who's right and who's wrong? How can I find out for sure?



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Re: DSL availability Flip Flop - HELP !

You are screwed just like the rest of us by AT&T's false advertising.


You have 30 days to cancel, which you should do.


You can get satellite cheaper from Dish, and DSL is available anywhere there are phone lines.


$40 will get you a magicJack at Radio Shack or Best Buy that is VOIP, with first year included and $20 per year thereafter.  Don't waste money on the phone service which is no better than magicJack.

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