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DSL Problem - and ATT is no help at all

DSL Problem - and ATT is no help at all

Having connection problems with my (purported) 3Mbps dsl line the past few days.


Testing at indicates upload speed is fine (2.5 Mbps, which is where my "3Mbps service" has always topped out)


But, the upload speed is very slow to nonexistent. Most of the time the test hangs when it tries to measure my upload speed. When the test completes at all, I get an indicated upload speed of .01 Mbps.


The people in Azerbaijan, or wherever they are, who do ATT customer service can't seem to comprehend what I'm telling them. A problem such as mine doesn't appear to be part of the script that they're reading from.


They end up telling me to reconfigure my browser and cycle my dsl box and restart my computer, while I calmly try to get them to understand that NOTHING INSIDE MY HOUSE, not my computer or connections, has changed. The problem is somewhere from the outside of my house to ATT's switching center.


In an effort to spend the least amount of money on service as possible, ATT bends over backward NOT to send a technician out to the customers residence to fix things. Franz Kafka would be proud of the giant, impersonal, maze-like, maddening experience that is ATT customer service.


Monday I am calling Time Warner cable and cancelling ATT.

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Re: DSL Problem - and ATT is no help at all

Forget it, they won't fix it, I've been dealing with internet outages to the tune of 850+ per day for the last two years.  This week the tech told me I just need to deal with it.  How's that for customer service?  If I had any other options, they would be told where to put their "service"!!
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Re: DSL Problem - and ATT is no help at all

I agree. Some horrible customer service of ATT. They have to alter their employee training system or something. GUH 

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Re: DSL Problem - and ATT is no help at all

Yeah, good luck. Had internet outages for the last 6 months. Spoke to 5 representatives, and had 3 technicians come work on my line. Problem persists. Welcome to ATT.
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