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DSL/Phone outage -- going on four days now...


DSL/Phone outage -- going on four days now...

On Saturday, June 9th, at around 5PM my DSL and home phone cut out. It was spotty for a while right before that. On Monday, June 11th, my wife called AT&T customer service (I was still at work) when it was still out. After being on hold for around 15 minutes a recording told her that the service in our area was out and would be restored around Tuesday at 7:03. Tuesday came and went -- there is still no service. When I tried calling the customer service I after this, I was on hold... and on hold... and no recorded message. I gave up and figured I'd wait. When I call my home from an outside line I get a busy signal. Is there any way I can check or verify when this is going to be repaired without having to call customer service and being kept on hold? (Also, my account is paid in full -- AT&T cashed my check well before the due date.) I'm in the Ocean Springs, MS area if that helps. Seriously -- if it's still out when I get home it'll be four days, with not so much as a sorry or an e-mail or any explanation as to what happened. (And I can find no news reports of a cable issue as there was a few days before when a fiber optic cable in Biloxi was cut and repaired). We do a lot of work for our jobs using the internet at home, our alarm monitoring is useless without the landline, and online bill pay has become something of a burden as a lot of due dates are coming up... all in all, it's been a real hassle and I'm very frustrated.
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Re: DSL/Phone outage -- going on four days now...

Seems like 80% of customers are experiencing the same outages. My internet doesn't even stay connected for over 10 minutes ever. Just bought Diablo 3 and new graphics card and can't even enjoy it Smiley Sad
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