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I have been going back and forth with customer service , technician visits and intermittant DSL service since Thursday.  Obviously something changed and NOONE wants to own the problem....and I feel helpless because WHO do you call....everyone wants to start from square one and troubleshoot the line......SOMETHING IS WRONG / OR SOMETHING CHANGED  WITH THE AUTHENTICATION !!!!!!

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been having the same problem for years,i decided to switch to another isp. canelling tomorrow. 

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Hi briank,


We sincerely apologize for whatever inconvenience this intermittent connection issue has caused.  We understand the importance of keeping good connection all the time and We don't disregard the fact that you already called a number of times to report this issue. This type of connection issue can be caused by network outages/trouble, electronic or physical interference among others. You may check the following things that can also affect or cause your connection to come and go:


= Cordless phones and other electronic devices are the most common cause of intermittent Internet connectivity issues. Cordless phone systems running at 2.4 GHz often run at the same frequency as your DSL modem or home networking router. If you are experiencing intermittent connectivity issues, you may need to replace your cordless phone with one that runs at a different frequency.


= Large metal objects and electrical equipment such as televisions, home entertainment electronics, and microwaves can also cause interference.

Try to keep your DSL modem and wireless home networking router away from these sources of electronic interference.


= Check with your neighbor. You may both be running wireless networks at the same frequency. The solution may be as easy as changing the channel of your wireless router.


= Physical obstructions such as walls, floors, home entertainment electronics, appliances and furniture can cause interference if the wireless signals have to pass through them. Move your DSL modem or wireless home networking router to another location so it isn't in the line-of-sight of these potential interference factors. Position modem about 2 feet from anything electrical.


= Your phone jack may be defective or damaged. Try connecting the modem to a different phone jack, if possible. If the hiss and background noise is gone, the initial phone jack is defective and should be replaced.


= The RJ-11 phone cord that connects your modem to the phone jack may be damaged and need replacing. If your phone cord is over 14 feet long, the signal may be weakened sufficiently that it is intermittently lost.


=  Verify that filters are properly installed on the wall jack. Make sure to put a phone filter on any device that may be connected to the jack, such as Cable boxes, Tivo, etc.


=  Search for and eliminate known sources of EMI/RFI issues.

(Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) and Radio Frequency Interference

(RFI) are common causes of inability to surf or intermittent sync.

Examples are alarm systems, radio towers, microwave oven, et cetera.


Even moisture and temperature/sunlight can cause this issue.Unsuitable locations and objects may cause No Sync or Intermittent Sync on the DSL Modem. Check the following: Subwoofers, Neon/fluorescent/halogen lights too close to the modem, Too many regular phones on the ADSL line, Fax Machine, Satellite dishes, Security systems attached to the ADSL line, or Radio station near by.


If the above mentioned steps will not resolve the problem, we highly recommended you call our technical support helpdesk for further assistance. This way, we can run necessary line tests to properly diagnose the issue. You may reach them at:

1 888 321 2375 if you are from these states - KY, TN, NC, SC, LA, MS, AL, GA, FL; and

1 877 722 3755 if you are located in CA, NV, KS, MO,  OK, AR, TX, WI, MI, IL, IN, OH, CT.



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oh my gosh...yes....I am having chest pains after talking to these people...I am sick of not being able to talk to someone who speaks good english...its like i'm tlkg to a wall. Not trying to be mean at all...just cant get anything accomplished. I have had problems with this dsl since it was installed 2 years ago....i'm retired att and i hate to go someplace else but i'm just fed up with poor they want to charge me for another modem...will be 3rd one! Anyone know of company they've had better luck with?

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ha you guys sound like me. it really stinks because where i live it's att dsl or nothing. 


the problem i'm having is i get disconnected every ten minutes or so. i've called several times and all they want to do is sell me another modem. if i do get it this will be my 3rd. I called several times a week and it's the same thing, guy reads his script then gets someone to check the line and then tells me theres no problem with it. 

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I'm with you crapneck.  I have no alternative except satellite and I don't want that.  When I first got 6.0 service several years ago customer service was great.  You called, told them what your issue was, told them you had already restarted the modem and rebooted your pc, and they would send a tech out the next day.  I know this because I spent hours on the phone with them about a month after I got DSL service due to what turned out to be a card issue at the DSLAM after many many calls and three excellent techs that were determined to find out just what my issue was.  A few months ago we had some major flooding 16 - 20 inches of rain over a 2-3 day period. A bridge washed out and took the underground phone lines with it.  After two hours on the phone with AT&T and them wanting to send me a new modem because the line tested fine (I'm a DSL direct subscriber - No Home phone line I use Verizon Wireless for that) I finally got them to understand that My neighbors line (with phone) was also out we feed out of the same box and that I could see the line in two pieces.  They finally agreed to send out a tech.  Since then it has been something almost weekly.  Twice with the line cut and three or four calls for that.  Then lightning about a month ago shorted out a bunch of stuff in the box across the street.  This past week I was loosing sync .. i assumed it was the lightning issue across the street, but we had to go through the same scripted routine and again they wanted to send me a new modem (which I have to pay for because mine is two or three years out of warranty)  I conceeded and they overnighted me a new modem which did sync when the old modem wouldn't, but only at 800 Kbps not the 8000 Kbps for 6.0 service.  So another call and the scripted routine and they told me I shouldn't have 6.0 service only 3.0 is available for me.  He asked if I had ever had 6.0 speeds and I told him that before they put me on the interleaved I could get better than 6.0 sometimes.  Finally he agreed to send a tech out the next day he did a little something at the box across the street and checked out the line down the road drove the line out  and came back and asked me how I had ever gotten 6.0 service because I am 3 miles from the DSLAM.  I just told him I used to get 6 meg service, but now I'm just happy to have anything at all.

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DSL disconencts (not sporadic, just DOWN, period) are a feature of something ATT has done recently (the password decoupling exercise???).  This is not a coincidental issue of failng network gear, in general.  I am an IT services provider and have had several call on dead connections (prevoulsly stable for a long time) which are remedied by changing to the new network-side credentials (ie, not the email password), SORT OF.  There is a tremendous amount of pain and highly sporadic connection involved (making it nealry impossible to track down the issue.  We nedd a troubleshooting FAQ sent out to all DSL customers, and for the reg/web server side IT team to etiher stop the rollout or stay awake until this is fixed.  This is a nightmare.

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I have never ever dealt with a company worse than AT&T. I moved into a brand new home in April 2010 and ordered the internet plus phone service. Everything worked fine for about a month or two. In early June, I had a connection problem. I called Tech Support, was on the phone for two hours, and when we couldn't get it fixed, the technician put me on hold for about 10 minutes then conveniently hung up on me. By this time, it was late at night, so I repeated the process for the next two nights, to be hung up on three times in three days. The next time I called was the following week because I truly didn't have the energy to go through it for a 4th night in a row. The next week I asked for a supervisor, which was not available, but I was assured I would hear from someone within 48 hours. Of course, no one called, so I again called two days later, keep in mind I have no internet this whole time. The fourht time, the tech tells me that they have a service that can probably help me, but it is a $30 non refundable fee for 20 minutes. At this point of desperation, I say OK and of course the service wasnt' able to help me. They tell me that there's a virus in my computer. So I hire someone to come to my house to fix my computer. He goes through all the motions,then says its definitley an AT&T issue and to call them back. I call again, go through the whole scenario of the last two weeks to finally be told that its the phone line and someone would come out and check it. The phone guy comes out, says there's nothing wrong, plugs the phone into a different jack, and the internet works..then the phone rang and the internet didn't work. I call back, go through the speech, they tell me I need a filter for the phone line. They send one out, we hook it up, no difference, no internet. By this time, I've gone a month with no internet service and they disconneced the service because I didn't pay the bill. Well, I had apparently signed up for billing through my email, which I didn't have, so I never received the bill to pay it. So I pay the bill over the phone, which they charged me an extra $5 for, and then they said they could help me. Over the next few days, they decided that it was the modem since they had apparently tried everything else. I was charged $14.95 for the shipping fee of the new modem, even though my old one was only three months old. Of course, it didn't work. By now, I am so frustrated that the very thought of calling AT&T makes me physically sick. I spend another two hours on the phone this past Saturday, August 6th, at 7 weeks with no internet and the tech told me that since they had been out to check the lines, and everything else was clear, there was nothing they could do for me. This was after spending countless upon countless hours on the phone with them. They charged me for services and items that did absolutely no good to me and I finally just cancelled the service on Saturday.

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 I had similar problems with AT&T also. I wanted Directv for the Big-10 network and decided to try AT&T dsl out. The internet never stayed connected for more than 10 minutes at a time. A tech came by, but I was told by customer service that if it was a setup problem on my part I'd have to pay a fee. I was then told by the tech that my house would need re-wired to get good service. Guess who would have to pay for this? That's right, ME! Customer service was terrible and AT&T was so unorganized that they sent me a 50 dollar check in the mail after I had cancelled my service and paid them nothing. I notified them about the errant check, but I received notification for months after that I had not cashed the errant check. No kidding! I ended up switching my internet service to Charter and have to pay for the most basic cable package. Fortunately, I have been a Directv customer for so long that they understood my complaint and always give me a discounted TV service every time my current discount ends. Works out great. I get fast internet and Big-10 network. Kudos to Directv. It's sad that they are in bed with such a poor company in AT&T, but at least they appear to realize this and work with you to get your bill down on their end. 

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