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DSL Connection Not working...Again


DSL Connection Not working...Again

We have a business DSL account.


Over the last couple of weeks, our branch office has been having problems with not being able to access the internet.   I know it is not the modem because our neighbors have the same problem at the exact same time that we have, and our staff reports that it is happening over a large area of Eagle Pass, TX.  That is where our office is located.  I don't know who to call to check to see if there is an outage in the area.  The only number I have is (877)722-3755.  After finally getting to talk to someone, they want me to check what the lights are doing.  Really?  I am a network admin.  I am calling because I've already checked the setting, checked the lights, and connected and reconnected the power supply.  I just want to report an outage or be able to check to see if there is an outage.  Help me out here.  Is there someplace else that I can call to check on what is going on?   Preferably  the next tier up.   

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Re: DSL Connection Not working...Again

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