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DSL Bill- no explination of charges


DSL Bill- no explination of charges

i recieved a email saying i could view my bill online and when i got to it it said my internet service fee was 29.23 this is up from my normal bill of 14.98 or whatever... i want to know if this is because i went over their cap and if so why i was not notified that i was near the cap to begin with. i do my schooling over the internet and i knew that might happen, but the att flier i got said that they would tell you, and my bill has no usage breakdown so i cannot tell what is going on. help?

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Re: DSL Bill- no explination of charges

If you're in the same case that I am:

You use paperless billing to your primary email address.

AT&T sends "notices" to your ATT email address, which is often different than the billing address.

So you may get no notice at all.


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