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DO NOT get ATT internet!! Worse Customer Service EVER!! the saga continues.....


DO NOT get ATT internet!! Worse Customer Service EVER!! the saga continues.....

It is horrible to see that I am not the only one having issues with ATT, soooo many people being lied to. I think it is time to get the FCC or someone with a higher power involved  to get ATT to keep the promises that they advertise. At this point they should be charged with false advertisement!!!!  I signed up for DSL internet service back in September 2011 but didn't get the service working for over three weeks because of so many issues;  first the modem didn't work, the first technician didn't do his job right so they had to send a second one and when the service finally started working the nightmare got even worse. There hasn't been a month when I haven't had to be in the phone with customer service trying to get my bill corrected. I signed up for the famous $14.95 a month DSL service. The price on my last bill is $43!!!!  Every time I call a get s different story, among the answers I’ve got:

  • The $14,95 was only for bundled customers so the correct price should be $19,95 (that month I settled to have the $19,95 offer available applied to my account just to get done with the monthly phone calls)
  • The promotion hadn’t kicked in but the next month bill will reflect the correct price
  • They checked with the promotions department and they didn’t have the $19,95 promotion when I signed up for the service
  • They checked with the promotion’s department and they only had the $24,95 promotion going on at the time I signed up not the $19,95.
  • This time I will give you a credit so your price goes down to $19,95 but next month you will have to call again because I can’t change the system to accept the promotion price, and this may become the norm, for you to call every month to dispute the charges. (Is this INSANE or what!!!!!!!!!)

I can continue adding more things I’ve heard from them but this is sooooooo aggravating!! I have used all the approaches you can think off to get this issue solved, from being the nicest person in the world to getting upset but nothing seem to be working.

It is horrible that ATT is advertising these offers and they don’t honor them and for me as a customer to hear from one of their representatives “there’s nothing that can be done to get this bill issue straightened out” is even more frustrating.

Does anyone have any solution to this? Is ATT just playing dumb and ignoring what their customers have to say? Do we all need to get together and pull a Netflix or a BofA to get ATT to care for their customers?  

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Re: DO NOT get ATT internet!! Worse Customer Service EVER!! the saga continues.....

Try contacting Alex, one of the AT&T Community Managers for further assistance.

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