DNS server won't return CNAME record


DNS server won't return CNAME record

I have AT&T/BellSouth DSL service and it supplies me with 2 DNS servers: {Personal content removed for your safety} and {Personal content removed for your safety}.


There is a CNAME record hosted at dns1.vps.net that points [3rd party link removed per Guidelines] (not what you think) to [3rd party link removed per Guidelines].


While other people report having no problems putting [3rd party link removed per Guidelines] in their browser, I get "host not found" messages.


I tried nslookup using the bellsouth DNS server:


> nslookup status.obamaconspiracy.org
Server:  dns.clt.bellsouth.net

*** dns.clt.bellsouth.net can't find status.obamaconspiracy.org: Non-existent do main


The other AT&T server and a couple of SBCGlobal servers I tried didn't work either. However, if I use Google's public DNS server, it works OK.


>nslookup status.obamaconspiracy.org

Server:  google-public-dns-a.google.com

Non-authoritative answer:
Name:    [3rd party link removed per Guidelines]
Address:  [3rd party link removed per Guidelines]
Aliases:  [3rd party link removed per Guidelines]


I tried the Global DNS Propagation Checker at [3rd party link removed per Guidelines]and it shows the whole world has the entry (except Hong Kong and Sydney). The CNAME record is about 14 hours old.


I can switch to Google's DNS, but I hate making hard-wired settings like that.



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Re: DNS server won't return CNAME record

It finally started working.
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