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I was looking for an opportunity to give AT&T some feedback, this is as close as I have found, and I am hoping they look at these messages. I have had FANTASTIC service from AT&T. I feel bad for those that have not, but my experiences have ALL been out of this world. My account started out messed up (sortof my fault) and AT&T has been nothing but helpful. I was just thinking to myself that I actually have to recuperate from my calls to them, when I get off the phone I have smiled and laughed so much my face actually hurts. And what is more important my situations have always been solved above and beyond! To tell the truth they make me wish I worked there...I mean what is in the water? Everyone over there seems to enjoy their work, genuinely WANT to help their customers and really desire for their own work day to go by joyfully. I don't doubt that there are going to be times when things don't go that smoothly, but in 7 or 8 calls, including my original setup, I have ALWAYS been tremendously more than satisfied.

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