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Customer Service is NOT important to AT&T


Customer Service is NOT important to AT&T

For the past 3 weeks I have been contacting AT&T High Speed Internet because our new service was not working right off the bat. After at total of 9 calls and at least 5 hours on the phone I got nowhere. 2 service repair tickets were opened, the first we were told to be home from 8am to 8pm... NO ONE SHOWED UP. I called - the ticket was automatically cancelled. The 2nd repair ticket was made and a tech showed up, laid a cable from our house past 2 other houses (over two driveways) and then the tech left... and NEVER came back. He closed the ticket without finishing the job. My last 4 calls to get someone to finish the cable work went unresolved. My last call was to cancel service and have someone disconnect the cable. After 2 hours and 15 minutes, I was finally transferred to the correct department and the cables will be removed in 3 to 5 days. Seriously? How can AT&T treat people as if our time is not worth anything? How can AT&T not do what is in their power to make sure that their service is working correctly? How can AT&T claim that my satisfaction is important to them when it clearly is not? And how dare they send me a bill for $128.20 for a shoty unfinished worthless job? I should send them a bill for the 22 hours I spent waiting for a repair tech and the more than 5 hours I spent on the phone trying to get everything resolved. I am now a TIMEWARNER customer and am very happy!

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Re: Customer Service is NOT important to AT&T

I have never had so much trouble with a company on such a consistent basis.  I made the monumental error of canceling our home phone service and going to just DSL. Someone didn't code it correctly and our internet was out as of the date of cancelation.   Like above, multiple calls and hours on hold and explaning the same thing over and over yielded no results.  They wanted to send a tech to my house for an issue that was clearly purely in their database.  Finally I got someone to help me but this is after over 6 weeks of no internet (thank goodness for my neighbors open wireless...).  The tech that helped me figured it out quickly and resolved it quickly.  


Then the billing errors started.  I had been told to just not pay my bill until the service was restored.  Big mistake.  When it got turned on I had "missed" one month's bill.  I should have called.  I didn't.  Why didn't I?  Because I don't have an hour to wait on hold and talk to someone who doesn't understand me.  Because I'm tired and because when I get home from work they are closed.  Closed!  This company should have 24 hour customer service.  Anyway this happened in February.  It is June.  JUNE!  and our bills are still incorrect.  Today I thought I had it right and tried to make my payment.  Couldn't do it online because I'm not registered and because I don't have a home phone with them they can't call me with the code to register.  so they have to mail it.  MAIL IT.  I want to talk with someone because I'm worried that the adjustment they gave me for mis-charging me for 4 months wasn't processed.  It wasn't.  She helped me and processed it and then  transferred to automatic payment system because if I make the payment with the representative they will charge me. The automatic payment system doesn't work.  I get automatically transferred to a rep.  On hold for over 15 minutes.  The rep is a tech rep.  Customer service is now closed and he can't help me.  Can you just transfer me back to the automatic payment maybe it will work now?  No.  Can you try? No.  I have to give you a "special number".  that's what he said.  He gave me the *&%(&^%)* customer service number I have been calling for 5 months.  He tells me they are open until 7:30.  they aren't.  I know they aren't! but I call anyway because I just want to give them my money!  Closed.  I actually started to cry.  I CRIED because it is so hard to give them my money.  


I just want to pay my bill.  Why is it so hard?  


This company is sorely lacking in effective customer service and appropriate training.  I hate them.  I want to tell all of this to their head of customer service but I don't know who that is or how to find them so I post here.  I feel a little better but I still need to pay my bill and knowing that my morning will start with a call to ATT makes me cringe and feel sick.  

I hate them.  

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Re: Customer Service is NOT important to AT&T

Hello mylogin,

I can only imagine how frustrated you must be with us at this point, I appreciate the admirable restraint you exercised in your message. My sincere apologies for the time you have spent dealing with this issue.

Please visit the link mentioned below and pay your bills online as per your need.

If you experience any difficulty while paying your bills online, it is recommended that you contact AT&T billing department at 1-800-288-2020 between Monday to Friday 8am to 7pm CT Saturday 8am to 5pm CT. They will help you and provide all the information accordingly.

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I need help!!!

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Re: Customer Service is NOT important to AT&T

Customer Service is NOT important to AT&T   I'm done calling AT&T about my Dsl not working & and you get a tech. that can not understand your problem! and I have had it with this password change tool that never works and you have to reboot the modem several times to make it go away or you can not conect and the next day its back.  Anybody know a good internet service, I have had it with at&t
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Re: Customer Service is NOT important to AT&T

i kniw what you mean. we're paying for a service. we're the ones runnning the show. not them they are just useless.. they're just too large, much too large and the honestly dont care enough

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