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Continuous Problems With AT&T


Continuous Problems With AT&T

Approx 6-8 months ago, someone with AT&T contacted me on my phone to offer me DSL’s fastest speed (DSL is all we have available in my area) at the same price I was paying for my slower DSL speed.  I agreed, and wish I never received the call from your company….shortly after the switch….


-          The connection was lost every 5-10 minutes.  The speed was better, but when you’re losing connection every 5-10 minutes, does that matter?


So I called in to address the issue.  I was told there seemed to be a problem with the line, and they needed to send a technician out to my home.  I asked if there was going to be a charge for this service call.  I was told twice, “No, there will be no charge”.  The technician came to the house, and I was told there was nothing wrong with the line, and I needed to contact the technical support line again.


I contacted the support line, and they told me that the line probably cannot handle the faster DSL speed (I had never heard of this before, but what do I know), and that I needed to downgrade back to my lower speed.


I downgraded my line to the slower speed, but the connection was still being lost every 5-10 minutes, and now when I was connected, it was slower.  I contacted the technical support line again to let them know.  I was told it was probably the modem, and I needed to buy another one.  I was asked by AT&T if I had another one available in the house to test, but no, I did not.  I told them I would have to run to Best Buy when I had some time available to pick one up.  I was told that was not necessary, for my troubles, they would send me a modem free of charge, as long as I agreed to pay $12.95 for shipping and handling.  I agreed.  Once the modem arrived, I hooked it up and contacted AT&T.  It worked, with no connection losses!  I was told then the modem was the problem all along, and they would change my speed to the higher speed DSL service to see if that was corrected as well.  It was!  I was finally satisfied….until the bill came in the mail….


-          There was a $110.00 charge for a service visit.  The same one I was assured there would be no charge for.

-          There was an $87.05 charge for the DSL modem.  The same one that I told would be free for my troubles as long as I agreed to pay the $12.95 S&H fee (which was on there as well).


I have now called in numerous times to address these charged ($110.00 service fee + $87.05 modem fee) items and to have them adjusted as they are not justified based on my conversations with previous AT&T representatives.  I was only able to speak with “offshore” employees who could open a ticket, but not adjust charges.  I was not satisfied and asked to speak with someone higher up who could adjust these charges.  The gentleman (“offshore” as well) said he was able to adjust the charges, and the adjustments would show up on the next bill.


-          February bill…adjustments not made, service call + modem fee remained.

-          March bill… adjustments not made, service call + modem fee remained.

-          April bill… adjustments not made, service call + modem fee remained.


After every bill was received, I contacted AT&T again to ask about the adjustments.  I was told the charges were adjusted, and would be removed from the next bill.  But every month, they have remained.


Now in the last week, the speeds have taken a nose dive.  My DSL Elite service is supposed to have “up to 6 mbps”….my latest test a few minutes ago? .6 That’s right, .6


I’m supposed to get 6 mbps…I’m getting approx .6 consistently.  It has made my internet service virtually useless.  I contacted AT&T again today (4/16/2012) as I’m writing this.  The technical teams attempted to address my issue, but said there was a problem with my line (again) and they would need someone send a technician out to take a look at it (again).  I declined, as I STILL have not received an adjustment from the previous visit, so what are the chances another $110.00 charge would show up on my bill next month (I’m guessing 100%).


So, instead I asked the technicians if I could speak to someone domestically about my billing concerns and to have them adjusted.  They said they could get me to someone domestically to handle this.


The first person I got was from billing here inAmerica!  Unfortunately, she told me the charges were “pending approval” and would continue to show up on my bill until someone in that department could look at it and adjust.  Seriously?  It’s been approx 4 months!  No one has even looked at my dispute, and had time to process an adjustment?!  That is ridiculous, and unfair to myself who is paying (STILL!) for a service that is inferior and being charged amounts that are not justified.


The representative told me she is not able to process the adjustment herself, but could transfer me to a management employee that could.  Well, I get transferred to the “offshore” department again who tells me the adjustment has been made, and should show up on my next bill.  I’m beyond frustrated….1.  I was told I was getting a “management” employee, and 2. one that could make an adjustment.  I got neither.  I asked for the management department I was promised to be transferred to, and the “offshore” representative agreed.  I got tech support.  Tech support cannot make adjustments.  I asked again to be transferred to the management team for the adjustment.  I was transferred to…”offshore” again.  I hung up after discovering (again) that they had no idea what they were talking about (again).


What in the world can I do to get someone to do ANYTHING?!?!


I have this in a letter form (with screenshots) to send to BBB/Atty General, as AT&T cannot provide a clear place to send issues to.

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Re: Continuous Problems With AT&T

Unfortunately AT&T has become fairly inept at solving problems, especially when the create them. If you have not paid the outstanding $210.00 balance (even if the charges are in question) they may very well cripple your service (as per their Terms of Service).


When you call next, insist on the Retention Department, they have been able to address (and resolve) any aspect of any issue I've had in the past, or you can drop a message to Alex, and he will have someone (domestic) contact you within a couple days to address your billing problems.



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