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Constant Disconnections


Constant Disconnections

I have probably had this internet provider for at least three to four years now, and the whole time I've been with them I'd have random disconnections. Sometimes just once or twice a day, sometimes 90 times a day, sometimes it calms down for a month, but I have no clue why its so random. But then I noticed after a few months of having it. Every time someone closes a door, every time the AC turns on or off, everytime there is a thunderstorm. ANY time something would shake the house in anyway. I would disconnect. Then at other time it would just disconnect whenever it wants. It's just completely stupid. Whoever has this problem too, see if you get the red light when you close your door.
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Re: Constant Disconnections.

maybe some lose wires in your phone jack? so any kind of movement would constantly drop your signal/connection. you should have AT&T check it out. i have the same constant connection drop, but it's not inside the house, it's outside and AT&T hasn't resolved my problem...they sent out 3 techs and nothing. i'm thinking about switching to cable internet since they're offering some good deals in my area. since the DSL signal sucks in my area, might as well try something new because AT&T isn't working out for me.
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