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Consistently the WORST servicer, AT&T


Consistently the WORST servicer, AT&T

Someone please tell me how to stop being an AT&T customer. Aside from the countless instances of poor communication with AT&T wireless (and their complete scam of cell phone plans- really? $60 a month so I can send maybe 100 text messages and spend maybe one hour on the phone?), I can't bear to have another issue that requires me to contact customer service. 


In the last 2 weeks, I finally decided that the utterly worthless $14.95 "high-speed" Internet is too slow [no one can tell me whether or not I have high-speed DSL or not- the AT&T page says I don't, the customer service person said I do....after I made a fuss about the plan I have that I THOUGHT was high-speed DSL...], and after going over what internet service providing should entail with an agent [webpages with images that load, videos that play, Internet that doesn't just randomly cut out...she did not agree, apparently Internet that costs $14.95 a month should allow you to check email], I upgraded to the highest high-speed Internet plan. It seems that with AT&T you will never, not EVER will you be able to call and just be done with the action you need, you will think everything is worked out until the date when your new service is meant to start working [the arbitrary date and time given to you by an agent....I'm really starting to wonder if they just make it up on the spot because NOTHING EVER WORKS BY THAT DATE], it won't. 


I have so many months of Internet I could have had prorated if I had the patience and the time to wade through the endless people that transfer me from this to that department [in the wrong state, thanks Trinity, for transferring my call to CA when I am in CT], but I can't afford the time of part-time AT&T issue-pursuing. 


And also, AT&T's DSL plans are absurd [why make different speeds of DSL one can have? It's just internet, it should WORK AND THAT'S ALL. Why only make specials for new sucker customers, when I've been paying my bill for SLOW INTERNET for a year?], the website is the worst corporate site I have ever used [I am constantly trying to log in and am suddenly redirected so many times that browser won't load the page because it went through 15 urls to try to get me to the MAKE PAYMENT page], and an agent today told me that AT&T does not know anything about Mac computers.


That's all. Seriously, I hate myself for sending any more dollars for absolutely the worst service I have ever had. 

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Re: Consistently the WORST servicer, AT&T

I guess you just don't understand how internet service works.  The more bandwidth that is used the more it costs AT&T.  They pass that extra cost on to consumers who have very high speed connections and can potentially use more bandwidth.


Same thing with the calling plan, if you don't take advantage of what they offer you then yes you are paying too much.  Of course, it isn't their fault that the plan you have isn't adequate for how you use it.


Maybe you should look into pre-paid phones.  Wtih such a limited usage they may be ideal for you.  My coworker has a tracfone and spends about 100 a year for minutes.  For 'his' needs it is perfect.

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Re: Consistently the WORST servicer, AT&T

This forum is really only for the wireless side, you should post this in the wired forums for more exposure.

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Re: Consistently the WORST servicer, AT&T

You are preaching to the choir!! I have a few logs to add to the fire! Can anyone tell me what happened to the " service"  in customer service or why do I keep having the same problems with my bill after I have been told it has been taken care for the last 3 months or why can't you talk to a supervisor or manager to help resolve your issues when you ask for one and finally, after being lied to, cheated and being disrespected, Do you think I don't deserve to cancel all lack of sevices and join a carrier who wants my business?? Early cancellation fees my {word filter evasion}. They won't get another penny from me!! If they fail to provide you with the services you pay for, they have brokrn the contract!! Any thoughts?

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Re: Consistently the WORST servicer, AT&T

Won't argue with that.  Tried to upgrade from DSL Pro to Elite.  Speed stayed the same 2.5Mbps.  Wasted time waiting for phone support.  Third try finally got someone who stated his records still had me at 1.5 to 3.0 Mbps.  He ordered the line people to run automated check.  Got robocall that the line appeared to fine.  Still at 2.5 Mbps.

Just tried to downgrade back to Pro (no sense in paying more for the same speed) and discovered that ATT does the slimey trick of requiring contacting a service representative to downgrade.  Quite the scam -- manage your account online as long as you do not try to reduce your service.  Time to switch to ComCast i fear, although EarthLink might be worth a try as well -- keep DSL rather than cable and let them tell ATT the bad news that their policies of manipulation have created a most dissatisfied customer.

ron noon

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Re: Consistently the WORST servicer, AT&T

One week after the declared installation date, I received in the mail an order confirmation letter which basically told me that I was supposed to have received my service and equipment by then. A week later, after trying time and time again to get ahold of someone, the service representative told me that my stuff was supposed to arrive later that day.


He thought he could count on me to report that I was "Very Satisfied" with his service which, since he was lying, is no longer the case.


So, basically all week, I've been trying to find some way to cancel my service. The phone service keeps giving me the runaround(not letting me speak to a person, while falsly claiming that additional help can be found on the website), while the webiste basically tells me to call on the phone. It's a stupid circle of fiction and lies!


Since AT&T won't give me any of the sevice which, even a week ago, I was willing to pay top dollar for, I'm not going to pay them anything. Ever.


Your community forum is no help, either. I don't know why I keep coming back here.


How in the heck can I cancel their service?

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