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Connection issues snr drop before losing connection CRC errors high

Connection issues snr drop before losing connection CRC errors high

Tech told me he can do nothing more to fix my dsl internet.  He told me to switch to uverse which is a whopping 768kbps or deal with it.  


I did some research and it appears that my SNR drops immediately before I loose connection.  Which I understand is signal noise.  I have a dedicated line inside my house for the modem.  The modem is 5 feet from any electronic equipment, even when it was 15 feet from electronics it still did it.   We tried plugging in the modem to the box outside and left it there for a few hours, the dropping continued like it always does.  


What I find suspicious is that when I call in to request service & then do a line sync it suddenly starts working for awhile, maybe an hour.  But it always goes back to the same old crappy service.   The highest number of drops that I know of was 864 in a 24 hour period.  The service drops and stays off for a few seconds to a few minutes and the modem cycles and it starts back up.  Any idea if it is something we are doing that would cause the SNR to drop? Is the tech feeding me a line of ****?  Is there a setting I can change to improve the service?  


This are my latests stats, notice the CRC errors are pretty high and the SNR is -1.5.  These stats are not a 24 hour period, they are from about an hour and a half period.  Notice startup attempts are at 24 in roughly 90 minutes.  Any help or comments are appreciated.  




ADSL Line State: Up
ADSL Startup Attempts: 24
ADSL Modulation: DMT
ADSL Data Path: Interleave
Datapump Version: DSP, HAL

Downstream Upstream
---------- ----------
SNR Margin: - 1.50 12.00 dB
Line Attenuation: 58.00 31.50 dB
Output Power: 0.00 11.90 dBm
Errored Seconds: 0 0
Loss of Signal: 0 32882
Loss of Frame: 0 0
CRC Errors: 1118 522
Data Rate: 3008 512

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SNR Drop

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