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Changing ISP. Questions about email?


Changing ISP. Questions about email?

For the past ten years I have been a consistent AT&T customer for DSL, Home Phone, and Moble Phone services. Unfortunately AT&T has been constantly out in my area for more than a month and work needs have forced me to change to Comcast. My family and I run both are personal and business emails out of "" accounts (which work when logged in from "" and changing emails is not an option (at all). Ihave already signed up for Comcast, but as of today my AT&T service has not yet been canceled. The question is will we (with absolute certantiy) retain accsess to our "" email adresses even after we cancel AT&T ISP service (but not either phone)?

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Re: Changing ISP. Questions about email?

I am interested in the answer to this question?  Did  you get it resolved?

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Re: Changing ISP. Questions about email?

Sorry Pal.... once you canceled your ATT account.  Your email with them will be gone too.


A trick one of my friend did, changed the service to a cheap dial up access.  Just to keep the email address.  Basically, he just 'rent' his original email account for like $10/month...  for like a few years before he officially closes it

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