Changing DSL service


Changing DSL service

I tried to get an answer online using chat but they said this was a sales question. Here is what I would like to know.


I currently have Earthlink as my ISP, using my AT&T home phone line for  DSL. I want to switch so AT&T provides the ISP using the same DSL line directly, without the middleman Earthlink. That will save me money.


What is the procedure for doing this and will I entail any loss of connectivity during the changeover?



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Re: Changing DSL service

Welcome Mister URL. Please send me a Private Message (click hyperlink to send me a PM) with your name, account number, phone number and the best time to contact you.  We'll get you in touch with the group that can look into your request.


*To send a private message, you can either click on the link in this message or click on the little blue envelope in the upper right hand corner, click "compose new message" and type my username in the "Send To" field.




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