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Cannot Trust ATT HelpDesk and Autodebit


Cannot Trust ATT HelpDesk and Autodebit

I have requested ATT helpdesk support personnel to transfer my ATT connection to new apartment an year ago. Since they can't change the plan they said they will create a new account and close the existing one. They haven't closed the old one and billed to my credit card for both the accounts. Unfortunately I did auto debit and didn't pay much attention on it. When I have reviewed my account statement this December I found this error and got shocked by hearing from helpdesk they cannot pay back for their mistake.  THey have changed one year extra bill on me. I am very much frustrated with the way help desk personnel talked to me and I am closing DSL  accounts.


Can anyone suggest a method to get it escalated and get my money back?


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Re: Cannot Trust ATT HelpDesk and Autodebit

Contact your credit card and tell them to refuse any more payments to ATT.  Then contact ATT and immediately ask for a supervisor, don't even bother telling the first person your information.  You'll still be out your money for 6-8 weeks.  Never sign up for auto pay.



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