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Can't access Motorola/Netopia 3347 control panel


Can't access Motorola/Netopia 3347 control panel

I just got the Motorola/Netopia 3347, set it up and have internet service, but when I try to access the control panel, it pops up with a login name and password which it never asked me to set, nor never told me what the access information was.


When I try to connect to the control panel ( it prompts me to login. I've tried admin/1234 as well as my att credentials. 


I've read that if I do a reset, it could wipe off the ATT stuff on it? But still wouldn't know how to set this name and password.


I'm trying to configure the wireless settings for it, but I can't even access them! Any help would be appreciated.

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Re: Can't access Motorola/Netopia 3347 control panel

Finally found something online suggesting codes labled on the bottom of the modem as the password. It worked, sorry for the invconvience.

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