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Can not log into sbcglobal email


Can not log into sbcglobal email

I can not log into my sbcglobal email account.  I think someone has hacked into it and changed things.  What do i need to do? 

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Re: Can not log into sbcglobal email

We apologize for the inconvenience caused and would be glad to fix the issue.
To change the password of the account, please refer to the link
If you suspect that someone has access to your AT&T e-mail account and has made unauthorized changes, please follow the steps given below to make the account secure after changing the password with the help of the web link given above.
1. Check if you are able to send/receive mails
Please send a test mail to your e-mail address and check if it comes into the inbox. If yes, please verify if the "From name" in the e-mail is that of your e-mail account. Also, if you had created a signature, please check if there are any changes in the signature.
If you are unable to receive mail, please skip to step 2
a) If the "From name" is an unknown/unidentified name, then you can correct the "From name" by following the steps given below.
Please sign in to your e-mail account and click on Options---->Mail/More options
Click on Accounts---> mail hyper link
In the page that opens, correct the Your 'From' Name----->Click on Save Changes button
b) If there are any changes in the Signature, please perform the following steps to correct it.
Click on Options---->Mail/More options
Click on Signature.
Make the necessary changes and click on Save Changes button.
2. If you are unable to receive mails
If you are unable to receive mails it could be that the Forwarding option is enabled. We would need to de-select it.
To do that, please perform the following steps.
Click on Options---->Mail/More options
Click on POP & Forwarding
Please click on the radial button next to "Allow your mail to be POPed"
Click on Save changes.
Then send a test mail to your e-mail address. If you are able to receive the test mail in the inbox, it is working properly. Then verify steps 1 a) and b)
3. Check for sub accounts that you are not aware of.
Please note - Follow the steps given in this section only if the issue is with your primary AT&T e-mail address. If not, skip to step 4
To check for the list of sub accounts, please sign in to your AT&T account using the web link
In the Account ID field, enter your full primary AT&T email address. Enter your current password in the Password field, and select Log In.

Please locate "Members" section (bottom of the screen). It would have the list of e-mail addresses of the sub accounts. Please check if there are any sub accounts which were NOT created by you.


If yes, please suspend them. After 90 days, the suspended sub account will be automatically deleted.


Please refer to the link on how to Suspend the sub account -






4. Update the Account Security Question and Answer (Q&A)


At AT&T, we take your account security seriously. Each of your High Speed Internet member IDs/email addresses has a few security questions that only you should know the answer to. We'll use this information for validation when you contact us to make changes to your account, and it's important to prevent unauthorized individuals from making changes.




Just like you periodically update your account passwords, it's also important to keep your security information up-to-date.To update your account security questions and answers, please refer to the following link




5. Check for unknown/unidentifed names in the Contact list

Please check if there is any unindentified contact (that you have not created) in the Contacts list. If yes, please delete them.




6. Report to AT&T

If you have any doubt of a message's authenticity, you can also forward the email to . More tips on how to identify and avoid phishing scams can be found at Simply type the URL in your navigation bar.

7. Top 10 steps to help stop cybercrime



You've probably heard the adage 'information is power', and that is certainly true when it comes to cybercrime. But the right information can also empower you to protect yourself from being caught up in the thriving industry that is cybercrime.

The following link gives us addional information on how to be aware of the various threats that are posed when you surf online and the precautions you would need to take to make your account safe and secure.



For further assistance, please contact e-Chat support from the web link provided below

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Re: Can not log into sbcglobal email

I've already tried changing my password, twice last week.  It does not work.  I can not log in at all!!

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Re: Can not log into sbcglobal email

hi missy if your still having problem to login your you can call their techsupport if im not mistaken that 8777223755 or login to their support website and have a chat request to reset your email password Smiley Happy

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Re: Can not log into sbcglobal email

Thank You wolfsphayne.  I will do that.

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