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Can I change 150GB a month to UNLIMITED!?


Can I change 150GB a month to UNLIMITED!?

Ok I just recently got ATT as my service provider. I got all the steps set up on the internet, not calling. But nowhere on the page I believe said anything about limited allowance per month. I saw it when i got the mail from att like yesterday and there were two papers. Im just gonna go into one of them. So on one of the paper. And on the back very bottom.


It said "DSL price includes 150GB of data/mo. $10 charge per each additional 50GB. For more information, go to Telephone access (including local, long distance, or 800/888 facility charges) and other charges and taxes may apply, even during any applicable free promotional periods. Other terms and conditions may apply. Taxes and additional fees are extra.


per day great. But per month, isn't enough for our family. So we were wondering if we can change 150GB into unlimited. If not then we're have to switch to a new Internet Service Provider.

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Re: Can I change 150GB a month to UNLIMITED!?

Welcome to AT&T, where we penalize all our customers because 2% use the internet too much.



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Re: Can I change 150GB a month to UNLIMITED!?

Yea probably if you get business dsl. But I doubt that its offered to residential customers.I haven't seen any proof justifiying these network congestion claims. And infrastructure costs have lowered while profits have increased. So investment in supporting more bandwith would be cost effective. I wasn't notified of these usage limits until I saw my bill and received no previous notification of these fees. And I've called ATT dsl several times over the last few months and all they did was try to sell me more services and I was never notified about this. But when i went to contest this bill to ATT. The customer rep basically said they were doing it to stop people from getting movies,TV shows,etc online. I have unlimited netflix so I could hit that limit in hours because I can watch it on xbox,PC,etc.


So you add up netflix along with playing ps3 and xbox 360 online. Not to mention biweekly online backup for computer plus youtube HD streaming/uploading and just regular email,software updates,etc. I will be paying almost over $100 a month. Its like some kind of tax.A package should be offered for people that don't want caps which would make more sense.

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Re: Can I change 150GB a month to UNLIMITED!?

"Welcome to AT&T, where we penalize all our customers because 2% use the internet too much."


Thats a lie. From what the ATT customer rep said. ATT is trying to limit streaming/download video use from services like Hulu,Netflix.Basically said,"People aren't using the internet for what it was intended like streaming/downloading video,music,etc.". Its pretty obvious since they have no proof to support this 2% claim. And it could be easily upgraded since infrastructure cost have gone down while profits have gone up.Also I hear ATT won't count its own streaming/downloading movie service towards usage but other companies services.


Their infrastructure isn't that bad, it's just that in most markets high-speed internet access is either a monopoly or duopoly. Absent competition, the consumer suffers.


In Japan, you can have a totally unlimited, uncapped 1Gb (that's one gigabit - also known as 1,024 megabits) fiberoptic connection for $50/month. Compare that with the meager and expensive average US offering of ~10 Mb (10 megabits) cable for upwards of $75/month. There's no comparison.


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