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CA Internet Problems?


CA Internet Problems?

I am a California resident and AT&T customer (for years now when it was SBCglobal through yahoo) ANYHOW... I have never had internet problems until this week. I am experiencing a very slow internet connection. I just tried to use the customer care service and a very rude rep took my number down "in case our phone call was dropped" then connected to my computer through some type of new remote system (I could see his mouse moving on my desktop). 


Anyhow, he wasted my time having me reset my computer after I had told him I had already done so several times, restarting the modem (I had also done this several times), unplugging the filters, checking the phone lines etc. Anyhow he was on my computer and the phone dropped and I opened notepad and wrote "please call me back our connection was lost"... then he wrote back "plz call back" which was a huge waste of time. 


So I call back and I get another rep who seems much nicer, I tell her about the situation and she seems to know what she is doing, however, she immediately tells me that there is an outage in ALL OF CALIFORNIA. Which was a little hard to swallow. She said that this outage is massive and has never occurred for this long of a duration (usually only lasting for 4 hours) but she said it has been since the 26th of June. 


I asked her if this is the reason why my internet has been slow and she said that she was 100% sure that this was the cause of the problem. 


I still find this hard to swallow? There is a huge outage that has lasted for more than a week in California and AT&T hasn't sent out a letter to their customers warning them? Furthermore even customer service doesn't have an estimated time of repair? 


Can anyone let me know if there is any truth to this? This sounds like reason enough to switch to another more reliable ISP (who happens to offer 12 Mbps at the same cost)... 


Please let me know if there REALLY is an outage and when my internet speed will go back up to the speed I'm paying for?


Thank you.

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Re: CA Internet Problems?

A reply would be nice.

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Re: CA Internet Problems?

While I'm sure you are waiting for some kind of official reply..(if it's anything like mine it will probably be generic and most unhelpful) I too experienced an outage of sorts of my DSL/Internet from last Saturday morning until yesterday evening). I went outside when this first occured to check with my modem if I was receiving any signal or if it was an inside problem it turned out that as I suspected there was no signal coming to my house..I have only had service with att&t since mid March of this year and it has been something every month since then..repeated dropping of signal at first which would last upwards of 3-4 hrs...after 3-4 weeks I get that issue fixed....then a few weeks later my service was cut in mid May due to a billing error on their end takes countless calls and hold times ,time off work as well as the usual troubleshooting each person you talk to has you repeat ..also you hear it repeated every few mins on hold..ends up taking 5-6 days and starting a whole new account to get it back  roughly 4 weeks later last Sat. working on the computer it goes this time I call speak to countless people including supervisors who eventually send someone to my home Tues. morning to verify what I already know and have already stated to all that I have spoken with that I have no signal to my outside box,he says he issues a ticket for a lineman to come in the a.m. (WED) the next son calls me around 3 pm to tell me there is a hanger on my door..seems someone came to my house,no one answers he leaves,,,,I have to leave work to call...which is truly the most frustrating part of any issue with guy just happens to remember me from my weekend calls,says the linemen usually do not need to come to your residence reissues wok ticket ..notes someone has been there to verify not residence issue,expect it to be fixed now (Thurs) .Thursaday round the same time my son calls again to say hanger onn the door..seems this one came 8 am..knocked no one was there he I am angry i call speak to a few people with supervisor being the last one ..he explains that contrary to what the first field tech and the tech guy at at&t tells me someone does need to allow a guy in so he can relay with hte lineman and inform him of when  it we set yet another appoinment for Friday (yesterday) evening 5-8 pm so I can be the curious part of this is ..around 4 pm or a little after my son calls to say its back on..I wait to see if the guy shows up to ntell one ever comes..I am in Fl and it seems the email option has been re moved from your contact choices so you can only call with the same choices I am sure you have as well..If your service is still out I would call and request to speak to a supervisor and save yourself the hassle of holding and repeated requests to perform useless almost seems like it's an attempt to force people to sign up for the connect tech service with monthly plans ranging from $6.99-$17.99 per month doesn't it? I guess thats the only way one would get any help from a technical help standpoint...Good luck and hope issue gets taken care of for you in a timely manner..... :smileyhappy:

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Re: CA Internet Problems?

Hello thisisntjon,

Sorry for the late reply.

I am sorry that you had to go through this unpleasant experience and I apologize for the inconvenience that you are facing with this issue. 

I would like to mention that there was an outage in San Francisco, CA  for the AT&T Internet connection (178189), due to which many of customers (who lived in San Francisco), were experiencing issue while trying to access Internet. However, that issue has now been resolved.

Hence, I would request you to check if the slow sped that you were experiencing is now resolved or not. If the slow speed issue doesn't resolved, I would request you to contact AT&T technical helpdesk and explain the same to the technical support agent.


I would also like to explain that the speed of the connection depends on many factors like heavy Internet usage or Internet traffic. If there is heavy Internet traffic, the speed will drop accordingly. When the Internet usage is low (during off peak hours) the speed will increase. It will never stay at the maximum value.


Before trying trouble shooting steps, please, check your current AT&T DSL internet speed through the link mentioned below: or

However, please try the steps mentioned below:

   1. Check your computer
Reboot by turning your computer and modem/router off and then back on again. Simply rebooting solves most connection problems.

   2. Check your web browser

Clear the cache (temporary Internet files) in your web browser.
          * Clear the cookies in your web browser.

   3. Check your connection

Make sure DSL line filters have been installed for all devices using the phone line.
          * Measure your connection speed at our speed
test site.  

After trying all the above troubleshooting steps, if the issue persist, I would suggest you to contact the AT&T eChat helpdesk and troubleshoot according to their recommendation. If require they will run a line test on your AT&T DSL line and will do the needful accordingly.

If you leave in 'AR, CA, CT, IL, IN, KS, MI, MO, NV, OH, OK, TX, & WI', you may click on the following link to connect to a chat agent: re_c2c_dsl_sw.aspx

Remember to always mark items that you find useful as "Accepted Solutions”, you can even mark multiple
in a single thread.  This will help other users find this information too!!

Employee Contributor*
*I am an AT&T employee and the postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent AT&T's position, strategies or opinions.
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