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Billing issues, once again.... no surprise


Billing issues, once again.... no surprise

What does it take, short of getting a job at AT&T, to solve billing issues for DSL?


Goal: DSL, no phone line, static IP

What we have: DSL, phone line, random long distance package, ridiculous call waiting package, bunch of junk we never asked for. 


Long story short:


We moved down the street, it took 6 weeks and 4 "we're coming tomorrow appointments" to finally get DSL at the new house. We transferred service, so therefore wanted the exact same setup that we've had for the last 3+ years at the old house. After HOURS on the phone for weeks, just to simply get the service connected and turned on, we heard every excuse under the sun. Fine, it's turned on.


We get the first bill, there are tons of random charges, we were expecting no more than $70/month. The bill was for over $200. We called, once again, get the run around, 5-6 transfers, "I can't do that" claims and then promises that some of the charges would be taken off and resolved, and should show on our next bill.


We get said next bill, and there are NEW charges, including Long Distance. We didn't ask for, or even discuss long distance service. Random credits are on the bill, but nothing close to what it should have been. The addition of long distance was the final straw.


We never asked for anything other than what we've had for over 3 years. We can't get a coherent person on the phone who actually has the authority to give credits for AT&T ERRORS. Not ours. The pile of charges the reps have added to our account are ridiculous.  


I am disgusted at the hours and hours we've spent trying to get service, and subsequently fix the bill for the service. Who on this planet can actually help us? I'm also 90% sure they have just simply blacklisted our phone number. We call from it and go into a blackhole of waiting. If we call from another phone, it goes through in a few minutes. Awesome customer service, outstanding billing practice, bravo AT&T, bravo. 

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Re: Billing issues, once again.... no surprise

I feel your pain! To make a long story short (if you want to view it look under "Why can't AT&T get it right?" post) we were promised a monthly price of $39.95 for U-verse Internet in May and they still keep charging us the wrong amount.

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Re: Billing issues, once again.... no surprise

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