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Billing issue - termination fee


Billing issue - termination fee

I signed up for DSL service in September 2010.  I cancelled my service at the end of May because I moved to an address that AT&T does not have DSL service.  When I signed up for service it was a 12 month promotional plan with no contract.  I specifically checked for a contract because I knew I would likely be moving when my lease ended at the end of May.  They are now telling me that I did have a contract which I should have known because I was receiving a discount.  They are trying to make me think I'm stupid/losing my mind.  I feel like I have no recourse.  Help please!?!?  By the way, they are currently offering internet plans with discounts and no contracts.

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Re: Billing issue - termination fee

My next step is to cancel my wireless service. At this point it feels like the only recourse I have.
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Re: Billing issue - termination fee

yes they are doing this to everyone. i got the same thing except they did not even give me the discount price but only the contract!!!! BEWARE THIS COMPANY IS FRAUDULENT NOW.

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