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Billing RIP OFF

Billing RIP OFF

Sighned up for promotional offer... Unlimited phone and high speed internet $49.95 a month for 12 months.


As soon as I agreed to sighn up was informed I would have to buy the gateway that cost $107.00 with s&h added to my first bill...


1st bill arrived... $191.92 called cust service and was told "That's How They Do The Billing,and after a few months you will recieve credits that will make up the difference."  I knew about the hardware cost so $191.00 - $107.00 = $84.00 The first month, Paid $191.92


2nd bill arrived $97.01 called cust service again and was told basicly the same thing... Paid $97.01


3rd bill arrived $50.89 even had a $3.10 credit , looked like they got it rite now ! but wait...


4th bill back up to $73.94 what's wrong with you people ??? you are charging me $43.00 for internet and subtracting $23.00 as a credit that leaves $20.00 that gets added to the phone bill... $40.00+fees and taxes=$53.00

AT&T HSI Elite is $24.95 per month ! NOT $43.00 to begin with. So much for $49.95 a month still waiting on the big savings you offered !!! I've got 8 months left for you to gouge me...


I was also promised a $50.00 gift card to help offset the cost of the gateway but cannot get it, thanks for nothing!


I feel like a kid that got suckered at the carnival...  Man Mad


Greg Z.


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Re: Billing RIP OFF

I changed my Rate plan due to a discount offer ...and was supposed to be billed $40 a month... and am still getting billed $50 a month.... The CS reps I have talked to just do not get it and are very difficult to talk to.... they are rude and even the so-called supervisor I was sent to was the same way. I get a National discount of 20% and have for months but the CS Reps are saying that is the $10 difference on my bill. I cannot get through to them to save my life that the Family talk 550 Rate plan is different. If I try to talk to them, they talk over me consistently and then tell me " you don't WANT to understand" or " You have it wrong Miss" .....I need to be able to send some photos that I took to them... but they replied that they could not view my attachments.... which was very strange as they are in the correct photo format of Jpeg.... My online bill states I am being charged $50 a month when my Rate plan which is also on there clearly states $40 a month. I am going to the FCC and/or cancel my account if I cannot get help. I have searched high and low for a physical mail address where I could send a dispute and have found none... This sucks

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