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Billed for "free" modem


Billed for "free" modem

Seriously AT&T? I just got a bill that is $95 more than it should because I'm being charged for a modem that I was told would be free. 


I was having connection problems for months, was sent a new modem back in November and was told it would be free. By February that one didn't work (no connection), so I returned it and was sent another one. During this entire process the customer service agents told me that this replacement would be free because of all of the problems I had. Now, three months after receiving the modem, I'm being charged $75 for the new modem and $20 for shipping?!?! When I called customer service the lady told me that after a year there's no warranty so you have to pay ("sorry if you were misinformed"), but I can go down the street and get a modem for less than $95, and of course now I can't return it to AT&T!


And why did it take 3 months to be charged if I was going to being charged? If I was told from the start that I would be charged for the modem I would've told them that I could get one on my own, but when you're told something will be free because you're not getting the service you paid for, I expect it to be free. I also never received a credit for the week that my DSL service was out. I'm considering contacting the local press to address this issue as I'm sure I'm not the only one who has experienced it. This is just ridiculous!

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Re: Billed for "free" modem

Accounting can take 2-3 mos. for billing credits/debits to show.


Try contacting Alex, one of the AT&T Community Managers for further assistance.

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