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Bellsouth IPS going into spam


Bellsouth IPS going into spam

As of Sept 23, all of the messages being issued from my MAC, containing my address, that are going to other bellsouth addresses are going into spam. I tried to send myself a test message and it went to the internet spam folder of my account. the problem is that I am no longer confident that if I send to a address if the party is going to receive my address. I don't think that I should have to go to Web Internet location every time when I want to correspond daily with my family. I have been working with ATT to correct this and one solution is to shut off the Yahoo (Att) spam command. but first you have to change the page style to classic, and then turn off the spam filter. OK I did this on my computers but am I responsible to make sure that everyone else who is having this trouble do the same thing. I think that this is a Yahoo(Att) issue which should be resolved at the server end and not by the consumer. It did not exist before Yahoo got into the mix.
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Re: Bellsouth IPS going into spam

I just had the same issue. I spoke with ATT/Bellsouth/Yahoo for hours and got nowhere. But I found a way to fix it. Check how your MAC is sending email. I was using my PC with outlook and I was still using the old pop/smtp servers of "" But, there are new ones: I switched to "" and "". There are new ports (995 and 465) and you have to ensure that authentication is occurring. You can find the specifics for your MAC email application on their web site. When I changed this, my email no longer when into others' spam folders. What I think was happening (just a uneducated guess,) is that by using the old servers, our emails were not being authenticated correctly and were therefore being flagged as spam. Try this change and let me know if it works for you. -Margaret
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