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Be aware of deceptive AT&T DSL promotions or promises


Be aware of deceptive AT&T DSL promotions or promises

I moved to my residence over three years ago and got AT&T internet service for the great price of $30.00/mo for the top end DSL. My building only offered DSL and cable at the time and the DSL was a much better deal than the cable internet.


Over the years the price has consistantly gone up every year. Everything was fine until the most recent price hike to $45/mo. I called them to complain about not being notified about the change. The person on the phone apologized profusely and actually offered me a promotional deal where I would get my service for $28/mo. This seemed like a great deal at the time but since then it has just been a complete nightmare.


For starters, I was forced to get a landline phone for the promotion (which I was assured was $28/mo for the combined bill). I do not use a landline phone and do not plan ever using it even though I have one. Then I recieved my first month's bill: $66.73.


I immediately called billing to find out they were closed. I had to wait two days until they were open. I called them when I got off work (~17:30 EST) and was put on hold until they closed. I then called the next day during my lunch hour and after about 45 minutes of holding,  I was assured that the promotional rate would take a month or so to take effect. I believe this was also the point when they told me that my promotional deal was not actually in the system but they would set me up for a $38/mo promotion instead.


This upset me already but I figured I would continue on and just finish the deal. The next month's bill came in at $61.25


So I have now paid $127.98 in two months when I should've only paid $56.00. I then received my third month's bill for $19.92. I thought that the issue had finally been dealt with at the '$38.00' promotional rate. Unfortunately at the time I did not look into it further to see that they were still overcharging. Taken out the two $23.05 credits on my third month's bill the bill would've been: $66.02.  Subtracting out the $25.05 credits to the previous bills amounted in them still charging me $45 a month.


So after the third month I had paid: $147.90 what I should've paid by this point is:  $84.00 for the original agreed price or $114.00 with their 'renegotiated price'. At the time I did not look further in it because I was just so glad to see that my bill was not $65 again.


Yesterday I got my paperless bill and saw the bill price of $66.09.  Now I have to wait two days again to sit on the phone with customer service for an hour to see if they can do something about this messup again. So for those who were following: I've now paid $213.99 which is almost the price they said they would charge me for a year of service and is $20 more than if I had never called them in the first place! This means I have to wait again to call the billing department to try to get the promotion I was now promised twice.


They compound the problem by offering billing office hours are not convenient hours for any working person.  Given that they are charging me over double what they originally promised, I am now looking at alternatives to their service.


Moral of the story: Make sure whenever you sign up for a promotion or get promised service, get it in writing. If you don't have it in writing, you have no record of the claim and you will wind up like me, a disgruntled soon to be former customer with no ability to correct this issue. Everybody gives you a different story.  I asked for supervisors and managers and they were of no help either.  They have wasted my time and my money too much and I am tired of trying to find a small window that I can try to resolve their inability to give me a promotional item.  I am hoping that this is only a disconnect between the billing and promotions department because I have a hard time imaginging an entire company can exist with this level of service.

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Re: Be aware of deceptive AT&T DSL promotions or promises

I researched the online price for DSL in my area october, 2011. I found DSL 6.0 extreme for non-landline service for $24.95/month with no contract, no promotion price. I stopped by the ATT store on my way home from work and asked if they could sign me up. they said the in store price was the same: $29.95/month. I said that was not the same and I would sign up online which I did. I printed out the order and invoice pages which clearly stated that the price was $24.95/month 6.0 extreme. the first month bill came and was $27.87. The next month it was $48. I called customer service and over the course of an hour was told: A) I had to pay $48 for a few months before I would start paying a monthly price of $29.95; B) that I could sign up for service at half speed DSL for $29.95; C) That by making a formal complaint I would not be charged the disputed price and would be contacted the next day by a manager.


I told them they were criminals and liars and they could change my service to the half speed for $24.95/month even though I was holding an invoice in my hand that said they were committing fraud. I never heard back. I filed a complaint with the FCC and paid $27.87 again leaving a balance. Today i received a new bill for $48 + the "remaing balance" from my previous bill. My DSL speed is half what it was---less than half in fact.


Today is Thursday. Tomorrow I file a complaint with the BBB and I [Per Guidelines:  Keep it Relevant and Appropriate].after sending a certified letter cancelling my service if I do not hear from ATT that I am receiving what I originally paid for/signed up for along with adjustments to my bill.


You people are criminals and I will sue for punitive damages.

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