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Bad service and unauthorized changing of my account


Bad service and unauthorized changing of my account

 I am so address with you guys.. I have been a regular customers for years and thanks to you inconsistence service and unauthorized changing and charging  of my bill and repeated monthly phone calls to your office. I am done with ATT or is it SBC?


I have had DSL for some years now and always had my payment separately and paid automatically out of my saving account from the beginning of my service with you.  A little over a  year ago your office combined my home phone, and DSL together and since that time, I have been in this roller coaster of increased DSL bill, disconnected and  reconnection of my DSLservice, additional late fees and restoral fees. and such. I have called every month for the last 4 months and called some months ago with this same issue and your recording keeps telling me that this call may be recorded for training purposes. It must not be working folks!!.


Like I stated, why do I have to try  convince your workers of something that you could clearly see in your records, I am told every time I called that I have never had my DSL separately and that's not the process, I was also told that I have in the past updated my plan or agreed to some promotional plan for which I did not. I was black mail in Dec or Nov to accept a promotional reduced fee plan to get the discount amount that I already had, but since I was not getting through to your employee and supervisor, I had to sign on to that promotional plan to get the plan amount that is still more than I sign up for.. This is not fair and unwarranted for a regular customer.

I have called every month and had to spend at least a hour or more on the phone to get no where. When My DSL have been turned off, all my emails are bounced back as if I do not exist and my customers and associates along with my family and friends are upset and disappointed in how I run my contact list. and emails account..


Please call me at {personal content removed for safety} to discuss my options or I will cancel my accounts with ATT and SBC, which include my personal home phone number, DSL, my children lines, business lines and I will inform ALL my clients of my concerns and disappointments with your company.

Yes this a threat that I hope that you  take seriously enough to reach out to me on this important matter or you may email me at while  I still have this account. I am in process of looking for an another internet Provider and home phone service, that will not have any problem with taking my money and giving me better service.. I may pay more, but I will not be treated like I don't exist. Currently I have been on the phone for at least 45 minutes  waiting to speak with someone.. Sad. For a company that is directly involved in communication, this cannot be what is ATT or SBC is about . I await your return call. I will also forward this letter to your corporate so they will clearly understand why I canceled my service with ATT or SBC. The best time to call will be between 7am and 8am or 5 pm to your closing hours. If you email me at my office I could call you on my lunch hour, but I only get one hour and uses that time for homework and other pressing matters. My office email is

Thank you in advance for hearing my concerns and I hope that we can resolve this matter in a timely matter.


 home and DSL




Jeffery {personal content removed for safety}

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Re: Bad service and unauthorized changing of my account

Send Alex a PM he is an ATT Community Manager on the forum.

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Re: Bad service and unauthorized changing of my account

Hey Jay, I've dealt with the same problems with ATT.. It is very disturbing on how you talk to one person and then you get your next statement and its totally wrong from what they agreed with you...

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