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Bad customer service and billing issues


Bad customer service and billing issues

I moved into a apartment complex where all I can use is AT&T. I signed up in May of 2011 for the fastest internet and telephone and was giving a bundle price. I had signed up for the amount to come out of my checking account each month. So, after my phone was cut off last month I looked thru the last few bills I received in the mail and it was about a fraud issue so I faxed over what they needed and then I called the fraud number and after talking to there agent we discovered it was for a Robert {Personal content removed for safety} that lives in California and not me. So they turned my phone back on and I was charged for a reconnect fee. I've called and been transferred to so many different departments and I even wrote down the names and ID numbers to ask to talk to the last person I talked to and they would tell me there is no way on them being able to find that person. And even the notes that were made to my account couldn't be found by the last person I spoke with. It sure would be nice that when I give them my account and phone number that any notes that were ever written would pop up on the persons screen no matter what department I talk to.Then on Monday the 3rd I spoke to Valerie in the disconnect department and told her I wanted to take off my phone service and only keep my high speed internet. She said that I would be charged the promo rate of $29.95 but I would have to call back on Friday the 7th which is today to make sure they are charging me for the promo rate of $29.95. That already seemed weird that I would have to take time out of my day to call back to confirm this. So I called a little while ago and I spoke with Ardella and she said that there wasn't anything in my notes about me getting it at the $29.95 promo rate so she said that she would put it in the computer and hopefully it will go thru. She then said that I will get my bill at the end of the month and it will most likely be for the non promo rate for the first two months and if it is still charged the non promo rate at the 3rd month to call back.Now, why the heck do I sign up for a service and a amount for the service and I have to pay a higher price the first two months and then they will refund me after the third month.I already went thru this back in May when I first signed up with AT&T and it went 5 months of charging me the unpromo rate. So now they are suppose to be crediting my account the next two months for that issue and now I have to do it all over again just for stopping my phone service...

  I say that AT&T needs to link everyone's accounts to anyone we speak to so any notes that are made that they will show up on whoever we talk with. And when one of there workers tell you they are gong start up your service for the promo rate and you call back 3 days later and the promo rate was never even started..All I can say is that I am ready to post of facebook and in our local newspaper on how bad AT&T has been with me and my service. It seems when they want there money they take it out of my bank account ASAP but when there at fault we have to wait two months or longer to be credited..

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Re: Bad customer service and billing issues

Hi rburns46360,

Welcome and thank you for posting.  I'm sorry to hear about the trouble.  I received your PM and replied with the information needed.





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