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I have to say, I'm aggrevated. AT&T has done nothing helpful for me at all, they can't even stick to anything they signed me up for thus far. I went in to pick up a wireless router, but they had none available at the time.. Okay. No big deal, they insist on my taking a wired router home, despite the fact that they had to send a technician out ..I got it on the 6th and the service tech. came out on the 21st. Was promised a trade in if all packaging and receipts were intact. Got screwed out of that and stuck with a wired modem. No big deal, alright.

Signed up for High Speed DSL as a one yr introductory price. Okay, Cool? No, not at all. They charged me more the first month, which I expected for the install. Okay, sure.. But last months bill was $39.21 & this months bill is even more than that! almost 50! I'm sick of this.. I called in the first time to dispute the bill & was promised that my account was properly notated and converted over to the introductory price. That I would receive a credit. I'm fed up to here, I want SOMETHING I was promised, when i signed up for this service! 

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Try contacting Alex, one of the AT&T Community Managers for further assistance.

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