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BAD CS &ATT promotion- My bill has been overcharged since the day I have signed up!


BAD CS &ATT promotion- My bill has been overcharged since the day I have signed up!

I agreed to the DSL Xtreme 6.0 internet service for 19.95/mo. Since I have signed up in 3/2010, each of my bills have been overcharged to 42.95. Every month when I receive a bill, it is marked 42.95.. and every month I called into customer service to have them credit my account back. I have called multiple times a month to make sure this is done correctly. I get mixed results. Sometimes it is credited before I pay. Other times it is credited at the next billing cycle. Sometimes it is not credited back at all. At one point, AT&T had to credit me almost $100 for their over charges. The customer service rep, at that specific point in time, was able to fix it for me. I've expressed my frustration every month about how I need to call in to get this straightened out. It still is NOT fixed. I received my bill yesterday, and it said that it is back to 42.95/mo.


This is nothing new. Annoying, but I can call AT&T to try to straighten this out... for this billing cycle at least. I would prefer for AT&T to fix the bill and have it charge me the correct amount every month, but it doesn't seem likely that this will be happening in my life time. It has, after all, been 9 months of over charges. Not once was I charged the correct amount without my calling in.


I called Customer Service to do my monthly "Please fix my rate, since I have been over charged again". Except this time, I had a rude male representative that kept cutting me off and raising his voice at me. I have never been so angry. He would not listen to me. He repeatedly said "This is the current rate, there is nothing I can do to change this." I would begin explaining my story, then he would rudely interrupt saying "Like I said, there is nothing I can do. It is now 42.95/month. There is nothing I can do." I got frustrated. Nothing I said was getting through to him. I expressed that I did not feel like I was being heard. He accused me, saying "You're telling me I can't do my job right," and was getting angrier and angrier by the moment. I have not been treated this way by any customer service representative before in my life. He raised his voice at me, would not listen to me, repeated the same sentence over and over again, and told me there was nothing he could do. After about 3 minutes of arguing (I was not being heard, he felt like I was telling him he was not doing his job), he proceeded to say "Is there anything else I can help you with?", trying to get me off of the line. I was clearly not happy with the service I was receiving, did not resolve my issue, and last of all.. was flustered from the emotional abuse I was enduring by this loud male representative.


I asked to speak to a supervises. He told me that it would be impossible, and that I would need to be called back. I insisted that I speak to at least another representative, since no progress was being made with this particular rep. He barked back at me saying that it is impossible, he will not allow it. At the end, he told me that a supervisor would be calling me back in the morning regarding my issue. Now I have two. One being that I am over charged and the second being that I was being yelled at inappropriately by a representative. He gathered my information to leave for the supervisor..., asked me questions about why I called in the first place. He would not have had to ask me these questions in the first place if he had just listened to my concern in the beginning of the call. I disregarded it, and politely said "thanks".


I have not yet received a call back from anyone. I have remained calm throughout this entire process, being patient with my credits and not raising my voice to anyone at AT&T. I am a PAYING customer, but felt like I was being treated as someone who is trying to cheat AT&T. This particular experience was quite emotional for me. I realize that AT&T customer service representatives can be both polite and rude, but they should strive to rid of the negative ones. I have had great customer service experience before.. But this, by far, is the worst that I have experienced in my life.


I do not know how to complain about this particular person. I know that our call was recorded, but who do I contact?

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Re: BAD CS &ATT promotion- My bill has been overcharged since the day I have signed up!

Hi jmc812,

Welcome and thank you for posting.  I'm very sorry to hear about the experience.  I received your Private Message and replied with the information needed since this is account specific.  Please check your Private Message inbox (blue envelope, top-right) for an update.




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