Attempt to establish new DSL address key, 3 weeks later... no ports available.


Attempt to establish new DSL address key, 3 weeks later... no ports available.

It amazes me how disconnected the departments of AT&T are. There is nothing like explaining a detailed situation to a customer service representative, only to get transferred, and have to explain the situation again. 


So I just moved into a new apartment, that has never been lived in before. I query my address to establish new DSL service, and I see 8 addresses surrounding my apartment that are available for service, but not my exact apartment, there is even one in my same building. 


Was eventually told that all they'd have to do is email another department, and they'd issue me an address key, so I can order new service. 


3 WEEKS LATER, dozens of calls, and queries, and they tell me, "Sorry, there are no ports available, MAYBE, if someone moves or cancels service, a port will open up. Or MAYBE if you first get a home phone line, a port will open up. 


Asking a professional a question expecting to get an answer, and to get a "maybe"?

That upset me to no end. 


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