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Att. Net Acct. Hacked! What's going on?


Att. Net Acct. Hacked! What's going on?

I had this happen about 6 mos ago also.


I use Google Chrome and have an email address.


I will receive an email from someone on my contact list (my mother in this case) and I will open it and there will only be a link there.


When I click on it I am taken to a Canadian Pharmacy.


What should I do?


How could someone have gotten my password?  Last time this happened I did not follow up on it, but I recall at the time suddenly a group of my emails were erased from my list....just poof...gone.


Thanks for reading this~



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Re: Att. Net Acct. Hacked! What's going on?

Hi allisa4757,

I'm sorry to hear about the email account trouble.  I'm one of the Community Managers following-up on your post.  AT&T offers several tools and tips.  The following solutions should help...


(Please select DSL as your service to view solutions if asked)



If we can help further, please shoot me a Private Message.




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Re: Att. Net Acct. Hacked! What's going on?

First of all, someone does not need your password to send you email. As well, if you receive an email from "someone on your contact list" that is spam (or worse), you are probably getting it because you are on their contact list and they have a virus or other malware on their computer. I would call mom and ask her if she sent the email. If not, have her contact other people she has in her email address book to see if they received the same or similar email. If they did, it's a good indication that mom's computer is infected with a virus or other malware.








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