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Att Email Support

Att Email Support

I just got off the phone, speaking with some so called tech support with att .

I have been using Outlook with Comcast for about 10 years no problems.


I must say I was very suprised when the att tech guy said to speak with someone about why  Outlook keeps asking for password, when I try to send and receive mail through Att mail, eventhough I have been using Outlook for a couple days now with the att account.  He told me it will be FEE BASED SUPPORT,  THIS SUCKS!



I can I can login to this stupid yahoo crap using same passwords


Now I see why I was with Comcast, guess I'll have to go back, good thing I didn't drop the service yet!

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Re: Att Email Support

Hi reubenhyman,

Thank you for posting and sorry to hear about the Outlook email trouble.  Can you tell us a little more about your configuration?  Which OS and version of Outlook are you using?  The following solutions provide additional information that might help..


(May need to specify DSL and Outlook as your service/client to view) (Common Email Error Codes) (Oulook Settings)




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Re: Att Email Support

Hello ALL,

I had this problem before also, the issue is the windows update on outlook 2007, this then creates an issue with AT&T .net email.

I went back and restored my PC to a previous date prior to the "outlook 2007 update" and the problem has gone away.

As usual Microsoft puts updates out there that have not been fully tested.

Another reason I have my PC set to alert about updates, but DO NOT auto install - from now on I am waiting a year on all Microsoft updates before installing them!
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Re: Att Email Support

Try this - it worked for me.


I fixed my Outlook 2007 by changing the Inbound and Outbound to the standard Yahoo settings:


  • Incoming Mail Server
  • Outgoing Mail Server

I changed this ten days ago, and have not been asked for Username/Pswd since.

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