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At&t robo mail


At&t robo mail

I just got an email from At&t saying I hadn't payed my bill 5/28/12  on 6/30/12 an my service will be interrupted, an if I have payed please ignore this message an don't reply or contact support, when actually I just payed my bill that morning 6/30/12. With all this technology an a slogan that says "rethink possible" you would think the same At&t computer that takes your money in nana second communicates with the computer that sends you notices that your service will be turned off in a nana second! Why isn't that possible. No wonder your last merger didn't go thru, to big again, just another big machine of mass consumption while pretending all things are possible, like operating with common sense like you want to be treated,instead trying so hard to be the biggest an most profitable apparently its not possible to have both.

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Re: At&t robo mail

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