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At&t internet Security Suite--Issue


At&t internet Security Suite--Issue

Why Doesn't at&t Offer Symantec/Norton Antivirus 2011 instead of Mcafee Viruscan,   That would be a winner of a free program to offer, heck i'd even use it if offered Norton, some reason i dislike Mcafee still these days.  


Welll just something that i thought i'd mention for at&t to consider




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Re: At&t internet Security Suite--Issue

What is it that you don't like McAfee Internet Security Suite? I'm a system builder in Fresno, CA and all I've heard about McAfee ISS is that it is one of the best, if not, the best. I, myself, am using McAfee ISS and I have had no problems what so ever.


I also had Norton Anti Virus along with their Internet Secutity Suite in the past which was also just as good. Actually, AT&T DID have Norton ISS before it switched to McAfee ISS. The two are really the same, but, when you switch from one to the other it is a new learning experience to get used to.

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Re: At&t internet Security Suite--Issue

I suppose i could give it another shot, and see how it goes, previously was using Avast Free Editon, and Microsoft Security Essentials off and on, but after virus problems on famly PC's most of them now using Microsoft Security Essentials


But i guess may give Mcafee ISS another shot, is free with our internet subscription, so really nothing to lose at all, and better security i would imagine



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