As a former AT&T employee of 15 years... This is not the company that I worked for


As a former AT&T employee of 15 years... This is not the company that I worked for

I asked for an email to make a complaint and they gave me the forum


DSL connectivity issue... 2wire gateway keeps losing connection to the internet... DSL and Internet lights flash red for a few minutes and then is okay for a few minutes... may be okay for awhile and then starts all over again. I have powered off the 2wire gateway, rebooted through software and reset with the button on the back... still happens. Today I started with on line chat tech support who referred me to 877-722-3755 and after a lot of testing I was told that I would have to be escalated up and that I should wait for a call back from them within the hour and to press "0" when I answered. I did and when I spoke to that person they could not locate my account number which I had given to the previous rep and had worked just fine. They told me to hold... I couldn't believe that I was one again transferred back to 877-722-3755. When the rep answered I explained EVERYTHING again, but even so I could tell that she was still going by her "scritpt" and going once again through the "testing" steps that I had already told her had found nothing wrong. She checked with the other tech center that I mentioned and stated that there was a ticket open and they were doing more testing, but since that department was closing I wouldn't get a call back until tomorrow. 


I worked for the AT&T parent company for 13 years in Consumer Communications Services, three of that doing customer service/methods & procedures Q&A in a mega-center... I know what quality is... and this is not it. The first time I tried to call 877-722-3755 I went through all the prompts and then got transferred to a busy signal... the I get transferred to escalated tech support who the cold transfers me right back to 877-722-3755 and one again I am going through the prompts.


Just recently it took me 15 days to get a replacement on my AT&T cell phone which was still under warranty... first they sent me a replacement battery which they sent out without a street name so I never got it and when I finally did it was not the issue in the first place.... Finally 15 days later I get the replacement cell.


Things have definitely changed and not for the better since this:

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Re: As a former AT&T employee of 15 years... This is not the company that I worked for

Hi mguerrero08,

Welcome to the Community and thank you for posting.  I'm sorry to hear about the recent trouble.  I would like to help.  Since this is account specific, please look for a Private Message (blue envelope, top-right) with additional information.




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Re: As a former AT&T employee of 15 years... This is not the company that I worked for

I am having this same problem. I am paying for 6mb but have never gotten over 1mb on the speed test. I have called a few times and spent at least an hour on the phone each time but nothing has improved. A tech came out last week to "fix" the problem but nothing changed. I feel 4 different confirmation of orders with 3 different phone numbers and two modem installation kits sitting in front of me might be the culprit but nope. I am extremely unsatisfied and my blood boils when I can't watch a 1 minute youtube video without it buffering 7 times. If I was being billed for my .6-.8mb speeds that would be one thing but I am only receiving 10-12% of what I pay for.  Maybe paying 10-12% of my bill(or the three that I will potentially get) would be fitting.

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