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Another Day, Another 800CCC90 Email Client Failure


Another Day, Another 800CCC90 Email Client Failure

In spite of AT&T telling me that there was only one password for both and, after yesterday's POP3 failure I went looking around in the website and found a link to change the email password. There is actually no such link on the webpage and the user has to use the "forgotten password" link and answer the account's secret questions, etc.


I wonder if chat room rep was wrong because it allowed me to change the password to the same one that I used for If both domains share the same password, I should not have been allowed to change it to the same one already in use.


Yesterday, after I changing the email password yesterday to be the same as on, the email downloads worked. I wondered if I had finally broken the code. Emails continued to work for the rest of the afternoon and until I shut down the system.


This morning when I checked my email I got the same old 800CCC90 password rejection error. The only thing that had changed was I shut down my system and turned it on,


Of course, Hotmail continues to have no problem with its POP3 client support and incoming emails forwarded to it downloaded successfully. Notwithstanding my question about how many password there really are, after logging into this morning, when I opened another tab and went to, it thought I was already logged on and opened my web mail.



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Re: Another Day, Another 800CCC90 Email Client Failure

Client uploads and perhaps dowloads are working again (I'm not sure about downloads because my incoming mail is now forwarded to a hotmail account). I did upload an outbound message through my address and it was accepted without the error and downloaded from Hotmail within seconds.


From this morning I didn't touch a thing. I did go out to lunch. Maybe......



It is so encouraging to be told over and over that the 800CCC90 password rejection error is a problem on the client side.

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