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Am I responsible for this bill?


Am I responsible for this bill?

I ordered DSL with self installation and I wasn’t home when AT&T sent someone out to hook up the line. For 2 weeks, I couldn’t get the internet to turn on inside my house.  When I hooked up my modem, there was no DSL light, no Ethernet light on my modem, just the power light.  I called AT&T , they had me go to all kind of tests; take the modem to different jacks but same thing, no internet.  They tested thing on their end and my end, couldn’t find out what was wrong.  AT&T finally agreed to send someone to take a look. The technician came, he looked at my modem, plugged and unplugged the data cable to and from the jack and went outside.  He did something outside at the box, then boom, all my lights on the modem blinked and turned all.  I got internet.  I asked him what was wrong, and he said there are 2 wires (lines) and the 2nd wire (line) wasn’t connected.   He also told me, the first technician probably connected to my alarm line.  For this, I received the bill for $110.  I don’t understand why I got charged when AT&T didn’t hook up my line correctly in the first place.  I called AT&T and they said the technician wrote he fixed the jack inside my house which was blatantly a lie. I called the technician and accused him of being a liar; he didn’t fix any inside my house.  He called back and left a message and said I misunderstood, he fixed the jack outside but it’s still part of my house and I’m responsible for it.  Is this true?  I thought the telephone box outside my house is AT&T responsibility.  I looked up online I found something called a  Demarc / Demarcation Point / NID? And the maintenance of the demarc itself is the responsibility of the telephone company.  What do you think?  Please advice.  Thanks.

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Re: Am I responsible for this bill?

Try contacting Alex, one of the AT&T Community Managers for further assistance.

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